AR + Mac owner?


I’d like to check a certain capability of the AR… but don’t have one.
if you have a Mac with recent OS and want to help me run a little test, please PM.

What do you want to test? I’ve got a MacPro with latest Mavericks and a Rytm connected via USB and MIDI to it.

sounds like your machine might be able to handle this :wink:

I want to verify a sysex thing… basically to see how similar the AR & A4 are in this regard…
the test, if you choose to do it, consists of running a small program for a few seconds and telling me how it went.

i cannot guarantee that your AR won’t explode from this, but chances are it won’t :slight_smile:

I’m also willing to give this a test if you want to A\B it.

i can help you out on this one as well … give me a shout in case you haven’t sorted things out yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:

Running test with “Elektron Analog Rytm”
0x62 -> 0x52
0x64 -> 0x54
0x63 -> 0x53
0x65 -> 0x55
0x66 -> 0x56
0x67 -> 0x57
0x68 -> 0x58
0x6A -> 0x5A
0x69 -> 0x59
0x6B -> 0x5B
0x6C -> 0x5C
0x6D -> 0x5D

:alien: :alien: :alien: