AR mk1 BT via individual out issue (edited)


I’ve run into a problem with my AR mk1. I decided to ditch Overbridge for a bit and route the individual outs into an analog mixer, to get that nice creamy saturated sound of old consoles. I am able to send every voice out except the BT, which shares the out with the Kick. What I don’t understand is:

A) I am able to route the kick out (so the physical out works)
B) I am able to route every other sound through te other outs (and main)
C)I am able to monitor and record the BT into my DAW via Overbridge (which means the actual voice works)

It looks like it is not reaching the individual output. I ran a test of the machine and everything looks ok.

Any idea?



The LT shares an output with the SD. The BT shares an output with the BD.

Check your routing, and check your TRS cables.

It was a typo, thanks for pointing that out. I am actually having problems with the BT. I’ll edit now.