AR slaved to AK, stop goes to scratch pad instead of song start

I’ll hit Stop twice to go to the beginning of the song on my AK and AR. Both will be in song mode but the AR doesn’t go to the beginning of the song. Instead, it goes to the scratch pad? (is that what it’s called?)

Here’s a video demonstrating what happens.

(I should add that this only happens in my current project. I’ve checked settings … am I overlooking something?)

problem not solved, i found a way around it: make the rytm the master
i prefer using the AK … but oh well

You might want to contact the support and file a ticket…
Smells like a bug to me.


yeah, the same thing is happening now when i use the rytm as master

Have you the latest OS installed?


this takes time … as does writing this.
i’ll just work around it. I’m used to having to work arounds bugs.

UPDATE: i submitted a ticket but Elektron’s on vacation. So … that’s all I can do.

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