Arpeggiator feature request

I understand that the A4/AK are primarily 4 note synthesizers and as such, the sequencer is designed to allow only 4 notes to be programmed.

However, when using the arp i find it very problematic to be limited to four notes.

As the arp only plays one note at a time, surely the sequencer should allow more than four notes to be recorded (even if they don’t all sound). I can hold as many notes as i like on the keyboard and engage the ‘hold’ function…and all the notes play sequentially why can’t this be integrated into the sequencer?

This could throw up some issues for the internal channels, as it would make it difficult to see what notes were actually being triggered when playing the A4/AK polyphonically (4 notes playing out of a possible 6, for example) but i’m certain that the brains at Elektron could figure a graceful way to sort this out. perhaps a sequencer channel mode? 4note mode or 4+ mode for example? or maybe the ‘4+ notes’ mode is working only when the individual channel is set to use a single voice (i.e. won’t work with poly voices)

I know i can program into the advanced arp page…but a lot of the time i want have the arp run, over a complex sequence and tweak the parameters of the synth voice. And it is simply not possible for me to work out every note that is being played…as a side point…no midi out means i can’t record the arp midi notes into my DAW and use them to re-trigger the A4/AK from my computer (but thats another matter entirely :P)

This is also true for the CV channels. They are monophonic channels, so there would be no confusion over which notes are playing…it would make the arp a much better function…and my vintage mono synths wouldn’t be tied to four note sequences.

Or offer the ability to p-lock the notes like on the Octatrack.