Arranging on the Fly: Critical questions about Parts/Patterns/Banks and Samples

Okay folks I have a heavy topic and I would love your help. Before I ask I want to say how much I appreciate all you’ve given me in the past so … thank you.

I’ve been using two octatracks and a pyramid sequencer with an analog Rhythm for drums basically as my DAW and sampler. I have lots of other gear but it’s not really important to this discussion so I’m just going to leave that all out.

I’m using the arranger to build my tracks very quickly on the fly, creating many different variations of how samples are used, and I’m starting off by recording long 30 second parts from the instruments in my studio and stacking them up into arrangements in consecutive patterns. For example pattern 1/32 of audio on every track, pattern to 30 seconds of audio. And thus 10 patterns is a 5-minute song. I reserve patterns 13-16 for chopping and remixing, with part 1 to part 4 on eachnof the 4 patterns.

And then using these longer parts, I’m chopping them up into smaller samples and doing what I think all of you folks are doing … mashing up my song into something deeper and more interesting and different as I move from part 1/pattern 13 to part 2/pattern 14 etc.

I’m stuck on this one thing … I’m creating new parts for new patterns but I understand that if I use the same sample slot and I changed the in or out point of that sample or sound that if I go back to the previous part or pattern even though there is a break between parts and patterns I won’t be going back to what I created before … it will change as I change the sample edits.

So now I’m going under the assumption that when I create a new part I also need to copy my samples to new slots so that I can then continue editing the samples without destroying the previous patterns and parts of the song which are already built into an arrangement.

But for some reason I can’t create a clean break between my previous patterns and parts even if I copy my samples to new slots … sometimes I’m finding that things just fall apart.

Could someone out of the kindness of their heart please explain to me how I can create a quick and complete clean break between a pattern and a part.

I want to copy a pattern and a part from say pattern 13 / part 1 to pattern 14 / part 2 and know that nothing will change no matter what kind of edits to the samples I make … because I want to reuse my samples and recut them and rechop and recycle them and re-record them.

I understand that I may be making some assumptions that are incorrect here and please just beat this whole post up chip away at it tell me where I’m wrong I just want to be able to speed up my workflow and know that when I go back to what’s already written into my arrangements that they stay the same.

Thank you all!

You can only do this if you copy your part to another one. If I understand correct.

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Slots are where you place samples, any edit to a sample in a slot will be reflected in any part which addresses that slot. So in the case that you want a sample with different trim points then you would need to load the sample into as many slots as you want variations of the sample.

However you might find it easier and workable to just use the sample in 1 slot and use the track parameters to choose a different start and duration.