Arrgh Stupid Mistake

For some reason I thought pattern trigs were saved with Project>Save
For some reason I didn’t save the Parts, loaded a different project and now the live set I had been working on has been mushed.
I have now learnt a big lesson - SAVE EVERYTHING!
Thanks for your time, I just needed to let it out without the audience glazing over after the initial few seconds!

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Projects are autosaved. Theoretically if you turn OT off, or change to a different project and go back, settings are the same.
Saving a project creates files that are recalled when you use the RELOAD function.

They are.

Pattern trigs are not saved with parts.
Part settings are saved with the project anyway. Saving them is usefull if you want to reload them. If you absolutely want to save them, and the project too, save parts first.

The safest for an important project is to make a copy of the project with SAVE AS NEW. Save the new project once done.


Parts save track assignments and settings and all the items for SRC, AMP, LFO, FX1, FX2

Are you sure your trigs are gone? I can’t imagine what could cause those to be lost.

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Hmm, what the hell have I done. Back to the drawing board (manual).

Ha, don’t worry. It gets better. And then it gets great and you’ll love the Octa forever :slight_smile:

No bank/pattern change?

It’s the Parts, because the trigs are still there, it’s just firing off the wrong samples. Sorry for the confusion. It’s not the OT’s fault, it’s my error.


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