Audiothingies MicroMonsta2 or Dreadbox TYPHON

hi everybody, i want to invest to some synth to pair with Digitone and i have i litle doubt about this 2 synths, Audiothingies MicroMonsta 2 and Dreadbox Typhon

what did you think about these 2 and the possible better choice?

thanks in advance

Depends if you want a mono or a poly?

I have no experience with the MM2, but if you want a mono, typhon is unmatched at the price point for sound and function.


i love moog style sounds and i even have a dn moogish sound preset, just like i love eletric piano, pad/string sounds

i think the hybrid setup with analog digital could be cool

i have both. they’re very different from each other but pair well with elektron boxes. the mm2 won’t be available for purchase for some time unless you’re able to find one used. the typhon may have better availability, though it’s also sold out pretty quickly. for the money, either is a great value for the features they offer. the typhon is a mono synth, so if you need polyphony, it’s probably not the way to go. it is more immediate than the mm2 in many ways, though.


if the mm2 was easy to find, what you will choose?

the thyphon (1 voice) cost about 50€ more than the mm2 (2 x 6 voices of polyphony).

with mm2 you can’t achieve the type of the sounds that you can with the typhon?

I would go MM2. Besides the polyphony you get two independent synth engines that you can sequence from the DN. If you find yourself needing something beefy and analog after that, I’d get the Typhon or something like an AS-1 later.


i like this


Have both. Aside from the more obvious differences, typhon is a great processor for external gear. The UI is also performance friendly.

MM2 is more of a sound design box for me and my only poly.


Having owned both, I’d say the Typhon has absolutely met its match with the IK Uno Synth Pro desktop. Easily. Pairs perfectly with my DN, too.


If you are not totally into analog mono stuff, go MM2. It’s an awesome device!

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I like the MM2, had it for a week. Sounds great for its form factor but I did not like the look and feel as much which is entirely subjective.
The bi-timbrality works great with an Elektron sequencer!

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Typhon, you already have digital poly on Digitone.

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analog is not my thing… unless it sound really good.
bought a neutron but i think is not for me!

think about that too… more voices to do some extra stuffs is never too much