Auto channel / prevent start stop

hi there,
i wonder if there is a way to use an external keyboard with the auto channel functionality only for the OTs midi-channels, but preventing the start/stop functions at certain note-values.


surely that’s how it’s meant to work out, have you perhaps some midi channel conflicts somewhere (internally or externally) ?

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not that i am aware of. i have a setup where my microkorg’s midi-out is plugged to the midi-in of the OT and from there i go to my other gear. when i press certain keys (i don’t know the note value by heart now) the OT starts or stops playing. the midi is routed correctly to my other devices. is there a setting in the OT where i can toggle off the start/stop by midinote? i guess it’s that feature normally used by a pedal, but in my case i dont want to use that

well, if you disable ‘audio note in’ from the midi control menu it’ll sort your immediate issue out, but it should play fine if you are on the MIDI channels as you said, this will work as intended

if you disable that facility you lose all external control of audio tracks though (via notes)


thank you very much. i’ll try this out when i am back.


I think it’s the other way around, OP wants the notes in, not the CC
So IMO you have to disable the other option, “AUDIO CC IN” (manual p. 41)
I wonder if there was also a trick with PROG CH RECEIVE…

I don’t see that, if you are on the MIDI side, then all notes will be isolated from the transport mappings

There are no equivalent transport CC messages to the Notes ones for driving sequencer (which is only possible in any case if you are out of the MIDI mode )

If you play notes outside the viable range for audio track transposing or track trigging then it’s tough, I don’t think you can stipulate you don’t want those three notes to come through, it’s all or none … you’d need a midi filter to block those transport specific notes :okej:

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I use an external keyboard to play notes in the OT MIDI side, using the AUTO channel. I can thus control external synths.
I’ve been annoyed by this “Play” event sent by I don’t remember which “C” note for a long time, until I unchecked the little option that was the culprit. I think it was @PeterHanes that pointed out one should deactivate the AUDIO CC IN box.

@avantronica I have no clue what you’re saying, my brain is melting sorry.
For my use, I hit the transport button from OT (I think one cannot set live recording mode from outside the OT) and then I enter notes from my midi keyboard, everything is recorded, it’s all I need.
What I absolutely don’t need is the OT to start playing when I hit the C key of my keyboard.

It worked by disabeling the audio note in. Exactly like i want it to be. Thanks again :smile:


Might want to check your settings again… disabling Audio CC IN will not stop midi Note commands.
Disabling Audio Note IN will. You then lose the ability to play samples chromatically from an external keyboard or controller though.

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yep … just to reiterate what has been echoed again above

if you want to record midi notes into the AUDIO side, then it’s warts and all (inc transport hassles)
if you want to record midi notes only on the MIDI side, then you can unselect that toggle, but there will be no chromatic mode on the samples, nor track trigging, nor transport (it’s all or none)

but if you are doing what I thought the OP wanted (just using the MIDI side) then it is merely a case of staying on the MIDI side (or disabling the whole lot on the audio side) (or being careful not to hit those notes outside the chromatic range whilst on the AUDIO side)

I can see a case for supporting isolating those particular messages from the MIDI Note side (i.e. Ignore Transport via Midi Note [x] ) … but that doesn’t exist and the OT is bloated with options as it stands :wink:

Tough day, I just can’t understand English today :space_invader: