Avoiding unwanted auto ch control messages

The problem-
When playing live into the midi auto channel, unwanted messages, like transport controls, etc. are triggered.

This is all outlined in the manual, which I understand, but I am wondering if anyone has come up with an elegant solution for filtering out everything but notes and expression?

I realize it is possible to avoid this by not using the auto channel for live play, but using trk up/dwn messages to select tracks for live play is much simpler for me than changing midi channels on my controller (fishman triple play guitar to midi).

I’m considering running all my note input through Lemur to switch midi channels/filter messages, but that seems like overkill.

I can filter messages with iconnectmidi4+, which everything runs through, just wondering if anybody else has a novel approach?

What are you using your guitar controller for - just changing OT tracks and two octaves of chromatic playing of samples?

The OT has no incoming MIDI filter, so you would need something external like your iCM4+ or Lemur, or a MIDIpal or other small filter device, to restrict the signals that go into the OT.

I am using the guitar controller to play A4, BS2 and MKS7 through the OT. I don’t use midi to control the audio channels at all, at this point. I go through the OT to have realtime control over the OT’s arpeggiator, LFO and CC’s while Playing said synths.

I use a KMI Softstep for realtime control of OT’s arp, LFO and other mapped CC’s that are fed to the external synths.

I am looking for the best way to be able to switch between which synth my guitar controls, while keeping control over OT’s arp, LFO and CC’s.

I think maybe I just filter out all the relevant notes/cc’s on the auto channel before it leaves the ICM4.

There are so many ways to use the OT, I was hoping to hear that somebody had a cool strategy for live control that I hadn’t thought of.

It’s so odd that I came across your post. I was looking for the solution to a completely different problem. When I noticed it was you (long time no talk) I figured I’d take a crack at it, in case you never got around to it.

There is a way to select the active track on the pickup machines with midi notes A (70) (active track down) and G# (69)(Active track up). I have never tested it to see if it works on the midi side but it does work on the sample side for sure. Since you are using the autochannel, if this works you could just scroll through the midi tracks to reach the one you want to control. I forget if the softstep does midi notes but this would probably be the best way if it is possible.