Background noise

In my rytm, I have background noise. In my A4, I don’t have any background noise.

I already checked my compressor settings, but it has nothing to do with that.

More people with the same problem?
What can I do against it?

Considering that there are 8 analog voices on the Rytm, there is a clear answer to why the noise floor is lower than the Four.

It also has a different way of handling each voice.

Each of the drum synth models has their own amp envelope within the model itself. The main Amp volume however, controls the entire analog voice, which has a standard setting of Infinite for the Decay. This means that while you might have an envelope that contours the volume of the voice, the voice circuitry is still at full volume if the VCA (Amp) isn’t lowered as well.

Basically, make sure that the VCA (main Amp per track) rings out on each track and you will reduce the noise floor.

TL;DR: Having 8 completely open VCAs will add a bit of noise, lower the Decay on the Amp page! :joy:

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sounds logically, thank you