Backing up Monomachine or Machinedrum

How do you back up your Monomachine or Machinedrum if you’re running a newer macOS where C6 is no longer supported? :frowning: I tried installing C6 on my Mac which is running Monterey, and the app won’t even launch. At a loss for how to back up my older Elektron units that aren’t supported by the new Transfer app?

Hi - I don’t use a Mac but I remember this topic has come up before. I think some of the options were to use Parallels or the like. I’d help out with searching but I just got an error from Elektronauts saying “Site under extreme load - searching disabled”. Try the MD or MNM sub-categories. Best wishes.

Edit: maybe here (long thread) C6 SysEx Manager not getting Catalina 64-bit update - #87 by Deadlee303

Thanks for finding that thread! I tried Sysex Librarian & wasn’t able to get it to recognize my Elektron machines, but I’ll give it another go :grin:

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I guess this also applies to loading samples - subscribed since I have just purchased one (Mac Studio on Ventura) and also intrigued if there is a workaround that doesn’t involve Parallels etc

Do not fear the terminal.

Tutorial on using SendMIDI and ReceiveMIDI on macOS:

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For samples transfer there is a workaround:
How to transfer samples to Machinedrum UW without C6

I have a Machinedrum UW and I’ve tried using the SysEx Librarian software on a M1 mac. It works, but there is no way (as far as I know) to check the integrity of a file dump after a transfer, which was straightforward on C6 (in my experience files was broken 10%-15% of the times).

I’m lucky enough to have an older mac which I’m using for these kind of stuff. If you rely a lot on silver machines I would buy a cheap windows machine compatible with C6.