Backslappers, the lot of you

Just a quick note to let you all know that you’re a bunch of backslappers.


I started to get my doubts, but you surely reinstated my beliefs now!



Better that, than backstappers :stuck_out_tongue:

damn, where’s the :backslap: emoticon when I need it??

snark was so much more fun on eu


I can’t say, with complete certitude, that my hand wasn’t slapping a back :wink:

let the backslapping and gladhanding commence!


also, today i signed a contract and put the down payment on remodeling my kitchen.


This post is full of words that are new to me:
…“down payment”
U cray cray, PT!

I’m more of a buttslapper personally.

But when I set my delay time to < 30 ms, am I not a “slap-backer”? A-hem. :neutral_face:

because nothing says job well done like a firm, open hand, slap to the butt;)

I prefer a more zen approach… the sound of one hand backslapping… :wink: