BACKUP YOUR FILES! (A Gruesome Tale Of Loss)

oh man this one kills me… i have crashed and burned at numerous shows due to this!

Edit: i think my approach to prevent this will be to actually use this function! it’s a nice feature and can be really useful… but i rarely use it which is why i make this mistake - it’s not in the forefront of my mind…

although now that i compulsively save parts every 2 minutes it should be an easy transition!


I lost a couple years of work due to a hardrive failure as well. It was fairly new and I was using it to transfer and backup stuff and it just died. It was a long time ago.

Since then I back up stuff to a separate hard drive and make sure it’s in 2 places at all times.

I also started exporting audio stems of everything near the end of track. I burn all files and any related data to a DVD as an additional backup.

I was thinking of having 2 DVD’s as well so that I could keep a second one somewhere else in case my house burns down or falls into an abyss.


Yeah it’s indeed the best thing to do. I have 1 continuous cloud backup (backblaze) of everything. It’s cheap for unlimited storage. Only downside being that drives it backs up need to be seen within 30 days.

I then have a 2tb hd that’s now full and will be stored somewhere in the house. I’ll buy a new one for backup purposes. To make sure the backup in the cloud of that doesn’t get lost, I use a second, directly available cloud backup where a back that drive up to.

Don’t have a DVD player anymore but for audio that’s handy indeed. For video projects not so much haha. I even considered tape storage but my projects aren’t that big. It’s a fairly cheap option though and a bit unknown. Would only use that if I worked in cinema though

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Bvckup can also copy to local and cloud drives simultaneously.

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Depending on how you’re working it can be safer not to save parts. Once you do, that ‘reload’ function becomes a threat to your current settings. No part save, no threat.

(That post has some other summaries of the save conditions)

I prefer to copy important parts into another bank as backups.

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this sounds like a death in the family

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It was at the time for sure :frowning:

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Does anyone know of a proper way to rename Sets on the OT?

I have many Sets stored on the OT that have names that don’t make much sense at first glance; so I’m looking to go in there and rename most of them for easy ID’ing. (They are all regular character names, no å’s n such)

I’m a bit cautious now with all this talk about corruption… so I thought I’d be wise to ask.

OctaEdit - Octatrack Software Editor and Librarian [ OSX / Windows ] ?

The file system on the OT seems pretty flat though, do just make sure you back up from time to time.

Feel you Bro. Lost everything I did on my M:C.

I actually wrote another little tool called OctaZip that was: “an intelligent archiving tool for use with Octatrack Sets and Projects. It provides Backup and Restore functionality whilst maintaining the referential integrity of both Source and Target Projects and associated Samples.”

Built it specifically to be a lightweight backup/restore tool; but sopped making it available for reasons.

OctaEdit v2 (when released) includes all the OctaZip functionality built in.

I actually did make a OctaZip v2 as well; so maybe that will be released as well at the same time as OctaEdit v2; or maybe not.