Bank and preset storing for MnM and A4 from the OT

So I am having a bit of an issue. I know that the OT doesn’t send teh correct message for bank change with many synths but regarding the MnM and A4 it should be able to send changes right? I haven’t tried with my A4 yet but the MnM isn’t working, its just reseting to A01 all the time.

Can anyone tell me how they have their midi settings and what they have set up on the midi setting page on the OT?



Then check that PROG CH SEND is ticked

…and choose the proper channel.

I don’t own a MnM but, on the A4 you have to set the PRG CH receive channel to be the same as PROG CH SEND in OT, may be in the MnM is the same.

OT will send a Program Change message each time you change pattern.

A1 to H16 = 1 - 127 Bank 0

I1 to H16 = 1 - 127 Bank 1

I think the Analog 4 won’t get the difference between Bank 0 or 1

So for the A4 it will be the same if you launch Pattern A1 than I1, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have a “song” that uses 12 patterns it could be a good idea to place those patterns on Banks A and H so they will share same Patterns on the A4.

Then you can use the Arranger to better organise your song.

OK thanks. I didn’t realise there was a special program change channel so I will try and set that up tonight.
Thanks for the help

Is weird what you said that it is reseting TO A01 all the time.

Just in case, OT MIDI tracks can send program changes also, but you probably won’t want to use this for pattern change automation on the MnM or A4.

Be sure to turn off program change on MIDI tracks (it should be OFF by default), to set them OFF, while in in MIDI mode, double click on Playback/Note then set BANK and PROG to OFF.