Bank Change External Synth - Digitakt / Virus C

Hi all,

I’m looking for some help, i have a digitakt and i’m using it to control an access virus c. Last night i had the whole thing running sweet and i was able to send program changes and bank changes to the virus. i wake up this morning and only program change is working. i’m awaiting confirmation email for the infekted forum to ask the virus guys but thought id ask here first incase im missing something on the digitakt side.

i’m running the virus c in multi-single mode. For any virus users on here: i have dived into the menus and made sure the program and multi program change is enabled on the part. Program change works perfectly but the bank change no longer works. It’s driving me up the wall, especially as it was working no problems last night. I’ve also reset the virus and have gone into the midi options on the digitakt to ensure that program change is on auto and that the device is sending midi.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I thought multi-single was just for editing individual patches of multi-mode? Don’t you actually want to be in multi with DT midi 1 feeding patch 1, DT midi 2 feeding patch 2, etc? Then if you wanted to change what patch 2 is you go to multi-single to change it?

Sorry, probably not very helpful.

hi mas_akala - i really appreciate the quick reply. I’ve just tried what you said and im still not getting any luck. I went into multi mode then assigned the midi channels to each part to the corresponding digitakt channels, it works im getting multi-timbral sound. however the bank change is not working at all, program change is working no problems. It’s really frustrating as it was working last night. I really need this working for a live set.

I have tried to set the Midi CC 32 to send to the virus and still no luck on that when i change the value, however when i ‘X’ the cc box off it then changes the bank. so weird!

So it’s working now?


Unfortunately not :frowning:

Not as it should - the bank knob on my DT will not for the life of it change the bank on the Virus. Yet it would last night.

I can get it to half work in the Midi CC but i was hoping that as soon as i turn the CC knob on the DT it would scan through the banks but it doesnt.


I’ve kind of got it working -

  1. The corresponding bank and program changes work, when i rotate the program change cc knob on the DT it changes patches on the Virus.

  2. When i rotate the bank change cc knob it doesnt visually change the bank on the virus but it does locate that bank and the corresponding patch.

  3. One problem i have - i have to ensure the bank on the virus is manually moved to BANK A (1st bank). and then i rotate the bank program change cc knob on the DT to 1. This then ensures it locates the correct bank and patch. it’s almost like there is some weird CC problem and its cascading the the midi messages? so i have to manually reset everything to 0.

This is a massive pain for live setting up. All i want is to turn my DT and Virus on and my saved song with all programm changes will find the correct program changes and bank slots. Instead it finds a different patch/bank each time. almost like there is some kind of bit shifting?

Is there some sort of sysex file i can load that will fix this?


Try turning off send program change in the dt setting menu. You may be sending conflicting data upon pattern change that way.