Bass Station+Elektrons Video

Finally got around doing this…

4 Jams featuring each of the Elektron machines. Bass Station is processed by the Elektron Machines while receiving midi clock and sequence.

If you like what you hear, you can download the tracks here:


that rapid fire patch sequencing of the BSII is something I will have to try on my Waldorf Pulse 2. Pretty cool.

Amazing that modern analog synths can patch change so fast now.


AMAZING work… ok ok ok … I guess I missed something completely when using the BSII !!!

I NEVER drove the internal seq. through ext transport control… wow I dont know how I missed that.

I was just using the OT to seq. midi out to A4 since BSII excluded CV/G.

The BSII looked like it was having a fit when changing values so rapidly with Parameter locks on the Monomachine.

Great sounds. Thanks for the Ideas!

Love it! You are the man DL! Very cool having this added to the mini brute, ms20, and volca videos you did. You can really see all the new analog monos in action with Elektrons and see which ones you like! Hopefully we will see a Arp Odyssey vid when that comes out!

Excellent stuff, I really miss my BSII. I have sold it for the lack of CV-IO but thinking again, it works very nicely as a standalone synth and compared to my SH101 it isn’t very far off soundwise, though the OSCs are a bit on the stiff side.

Anyway, one of the best sounding neo-analog synths currently out there. I wish Novation would make a polyphonic version of it. Would be a vintage analog poly killer!

The octatrack one is mental.

Good stuff, as usual! One question: For the A4/BSII part, how is the BSII being sequenced? Does it have it’s own sequencer or something and the A4 is sending out MIDI clock? AFAIK, the A4 doesn’t send midi notes out, and the BSII doesn’t have CV in.

Nice use of the Eb ‘Pentecostal’ scale on the OT vid :joy:

Damn, i never thought i would say that one day, but : i miss my MnM !!

Personally I think the advent of the A4 & now AR has made the MNM more valid than ever.
Won’t be long now before everyone will be craving digital oscillators again, particularly FM!

you keep being an inspiration Mr Dataline Sir … nice upload (as usual!)

In the first jam, using the BSII and A4, is the A4 just sending MIDI clock to the BSII? And I take it the BSII is using its internal sequencer, with the audio going into the A4 for processing?

Is that what’s going on?

Really nice! Thank you! I miss my BS2 as well…but i sold it for a Sub 37. :wink:

I wish the MD video had the video of the screen, like the others did. Would be good to get some ideas for sampling audio, which seems to prove tricky for a lot of people.

Also still curious to know for sure if the BSII was using its own sequencer with the A4, or what.

On the a4 section, bass station is running its own arp while receiving midi clock from A4 :slight_smile:

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Great music done here by Dataline

Could someone help me to set-up Midi sync of BS 2 and A4 MKIIi?
I then want to use the A4 MKIIs external inputs use track 1 for FX.

Guess I am right that that A4 MKII donesn’t send Midi CC to the BS2?


Yes the A4 doesnt send Midi CC, only Clock. You can use the FX Track to sequence the FX for the external Inputs.