Batch convert/save Samples to Sounds?

I have over 2048 samples, is there a way to mass convert samples to sounds so i can quickly find them in the +drive browser?

Super new to the digitakt, i loaded in about 3000 samples of drum hits (kicks, hats, claps etc) but i don’t like the way i have to load them - ‘SRC’, SAMP then Func +Yes, then i have to navigate back to the top of the tree, then when i finally get to my folder of samples, i have to press ‘Func+yes’ again on each sample to preview it?!?!

Seems mad to me! I just want to fire through sounds quickly when browsing, and 127 sounds in the pool doesn’t cut it.

Any help or ideas is more than appreciated :slight_smile:

AFAIK sounds become sounds when you apply changes to a sample: like filter, start-end point, pitch, etc.

I am not completely sure but in my mental model sounds are reusable samples, like a kick I have tweaked in a specific way and I’d like to use it in many other projects without having to always remember and repeat the signal processing applied to it.

In hop someone else could pitch in to confirm this though.

Yes a sound is a sample with parameters saved. The sample is the raw audio file. AFAIK there’s no batch converter to make samples into sounds. Samples take up the majority of space (RAM). A Sound on the other hand is very very small in comparison (just config settings really). So you could have 1000 sounds using the same sample.

Yes one downside of the browser is that you can’t apply a tag to a sample and that’s an easy way to find stuff. For samples, the best way to sort them is folders.

I also agree, previewing samples is cumbersome.

Ok good to know I’m not doing something the wrong way around.
Going to post a suggestion or two in the feature requests.

What I’m doing rn to load samples from my folders is, go to the sample manager, go to say my kicks folder (450 kicks) select a random 30 or so, add them to the pool, then do the same for hats and claps and perc.

Then when I go to load/audition samples via the SRC page, i have a bunch in the pool.

Like I say, only shame is we can’t access our entire sample banks via this page.