Before buying an Octatrack

Hi guys,

Got a couple of questions here. I am sorry if these have already been asked somewhere but the research seems not working right now on my browser…

Is it really possible to play 8 audio track and 8 midi pattern simultanously???

Has anyone of you been using it with traktor? Sync is ok?

Yeah 8 monophonic audio tracks and 8 midi tracks simultaneously. Never used traktion so can’t help you there. But should sync OK. If you’re serious about buying I’d recommend reading the manual first. You’ll more than likely need to later anyway but this way you’ll have a clearer idea of what OT can/can’t do before you decide to grab one.

Thanks so much.

I am on this big piece of a manual right now.

Another one: if I play 8 tracks all from the CF card,… no problem? Everything is synced as it should? Nobody experienced nothing weird?

I want to have it play 1 to 16 bars audios, samples and send midi to a tetra and a virus TI2.

Also I am really interested to see how to integrate that with a roland mx1+other synth, and a traktor setup.

Grab the fastest card you can afford and you should be fine. Even the card that comes shipped with OT should be OK. I’m still on the stock card and often use only static sample slots (which stream from the card as opposed to Ram). I’ve never had a problem with 8 tracks streaming. I’ve not used longer samples than a few bars tho. But sure other users often have and I don’t recall people mentioning issues :slight_smile:

Agree that 8 tracks from the CF shouldn’t cause problems. My OT is in heavy use and I nearly always play all samples directly from the card. I have never noticed any issues. Not with the CF card it was bundled with, nor with my new “SanDisk CF Extreme 800x v2 - 64GB”.

If you plan on getting a bigger card than the bundled one, there are some posts from people reporting issues with specific cards. So I think the OT might be a bit picky. Like Callofthevoid says, probably a good idea to stay clear of the cheapest stuff.

Regarding sync: from what I understand, there are issues with pickup machines when the Octatrack is slaved. My OT is always master, and I rarely use pickup machines, so I don’t really know the details. If there are other problems with the OT synced to other gear I don’t know about it.

Confirm! No issues at all with 8 tracks from CF. Stock 4Gb x266, 32Gb x400, 64Gb x800 work great for me. Parameter- and sample- locks also don’t affect CF performance at all.

Several things you have to keep in mind before buying OT – time stretch and pitch shift operations produce some audible degradation in sound. For drum and percussion loops it’s not so obvious but for melodic/harmonic staff it may be very audible. Thus don’t plan to load one-shot piano sample (or any other) and play chromatically from ext. keyboard without any changes in sound quality.

AD converters in OT’s inputs are not best on market so you will probably hear that external sources lose something in sound while going through OT’s inputs (especially in face to face comparison). All these things are not deal breakers but keep them in mind. Try to find OT and listen to it by yourself.

Very interesting.

I guess it the same result than with the rytm when it come to the sound, doesnt sound the same than what I load in. Still kind a like it but yeah, with some lush pads etc it might be a bugger.

Is it bad on bass?

I claim that in a blind A/B comparison hearing test, you won’t be able to tell which signal went through the converters of the Octatrack …

external sources lose something in sound while going through OT’s inputs (especially in face to face comparison). [/quote]
Also keep in mind that not all OT users feel this way.
You should indeed try it yourself if possible.