Beginning Voyage

I’m about to make an order and wanted help on my decision. I’m going to order a RYTM, Analog 4, digitakt and TR8S. Help and opinions welcome, my idea was to focus on mostly making drum tracks and rhythm with a little synth to blend in. I’m mostly focusing on techno, house and trance. I have trouble with making good drum tracks and I’m looking at correcting this issue. Thanks for the help in advance guys.

That’s a lot of gear to get your head around at once, especially if you’re new to this. And if you’re planning on:

…you might be able to get a good start with only the RYTM. I’m not suggesting the others aren’t all fine pieces of gear and worth owning (they are, and I have three of the four myself), just that you might be presenting yourself with massive multiple learning curves that could frustrate your efforts. With the RYTM, you get analog drums, a sampler/sample-player, and a simple, but powerful monosynth engine that can provide some great analog synth sounds. Plus the full-on Elektron sequencer in all of its glory. This alone is a lot to learn.


Yeah thats way too much stuff at once! You will sell most of it if not all of it and you probably wont learn much of any of them

Thanks guys. I probably shouldn’t have purchased a Korg Oasys then based on this advice.

I think that you should elaborate on this before asking for advice about buying a lot of expensive gear.

What have you been trying so far?
Why do you think the results are unsatisfactory?


Just buy the TR-8S & a Digitakt & then a nice little knobby analogue synth -[ Basstation II, Microvolt, Mother-32 for a monosynth or Korg Minilogue XD ( or module ) if you want a poly ] or something similar & maybe a few FX pedals instead. I wouldn’t get a a Rytm & an A4 too -too much gear, at once …too much overlap.
You’d get a tonne of stuff done just sampling synth sounds into the 'takt & running that alongside the TR-8S - more than enough initial horsepower there for techno.

I don’t like drawing notes in daws programming drums, and I don’t like sorting through GBs of kicks, snares, CH, OH etc and samples/loops. I like 16SEQ programming more.

Wait, you’ve bought an Oasys? Then honestly, I am not sure you need any of the gear you’ve listed - the Oasys is more than capable of meeting your needs. If you really want real analogue circuitry, then maybe an Analog RYTM or Analog Four, but if I were in your shoes, I’d be hunkering down with that Oasys and learning it inside and out…


I agree with alot of the other posters here. Buying all that in one go can give you some headace. But i dont know how long you have been making music. If you have used daws for a long time, then it shouldnt be a big deal buying several things at once.

But if you are just starting out, i would highly reccomend going easy. Buy a basic synth. Like basstation or microbrute. Making the most out of a “simple” synth is a good way to start. Bigger and more expencive synths is usually just more of the same building blocks.

I highly reccommend the Tr-8s. It sounds very good. It is pretty basic in function, but has a good interface for making rythm and drum loops. It is very hands on.

And the deeper you go into the instruments you buy, the more you will get out of them. Even if they migth appear simple at first.

I drink a lot and I know things.

It might help to know what you know -and what you have - in order to better give the advice you’ve requested.

Don’t be discouraged, people are friendly and helpful around here.