Behringer BCR 2000 revamp (and a Theremin)

Behringer have finally decided to clone themselves, and revamp the bcr 2000. Wish they did this earlier, this was a pretty nice piece of cheap gear back in the day.

Also, rather randomly, a theremin. This might actually be a nice teaching tool for younger students.

Would like a BCF2000 update here please :blush:

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I wish more things used motorized faders, but I guess they are both expensive and fail easily. Would be so helpful when flipping through presets on a synth, for example.

Don’t use it as midi controller but as MMC for Reaper.

BCR: About ff’ing time. Like they fired their creative dept ages ago and the copy-paste dept that came to replace it finally realized they actually have a couple of things worth reworking themselves already.

Also it seems that everytime they drop something controversial they have another less controversial scoop/leak waiting as a diversion.


ah cool two of my Bcr-2000 knobs fell in, and then they went out of stock, hope it has the same functionality as the original ones.

From the facebook post:

Disclaimer. This is not a product release but a design study for the purpose to gather customer feedback. We cannot promise if and when we will make this product.

kind of like the MPC one clone they posted last year, but think this has more of a chance to come to market!

So, they are capable of copying and producing a product from a competitor (keystep), but for their own products they are not able to go further than to present some rendering and see who’s interested? I call BS, there is plenty of clamouring for a new version of the revered BCR2000, so no need to start asking. It will not happen, is my prediction, otherwise they would have already done so.

they’d be crazy not to make it, it’s finally something of theirs with no controversy that people just like.

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I have noticed (not here) that people are asking for additional features to stand out from the competition. Well, it can (if actually launched) be connected via DIN MIDI. That would be standing out enough for me. How cool would it be to directly plug it to DT / DN instead of having to use those heavily overpriced USB-to-DIN-MIDI converters if there is no computer around! That alone would suffice for me to get rid of my MidiMix, LC XL and X-Touch Mini in order to get this one instead.
Plus encoders … yay!

The Arturia clone is already almost forgiven, well almost and only if they make and launch it.