Behringer Bi-Phase/Dual Phase

Nice! I think the Phase Tone is a 4 stage OTA phaser like the Small Stone. IMO that’s the sweetest circuit style for maximum chewy, swooshy goodness - most other phasers are like the MXRs which use JFET filtering instead of OTA filtering.

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That Maestro circuit (designed by Oberheim I should add) is also fantastic. I believe it was used by Ernie Isley. I fell in love with that sound on Paul’s Boutique as a kid, and spent years looking around for it as the Internet is filled with conflicting info about what Ernie used. Anyway, it sounds nice. :slight_smile:


After more experimenting, I think I like it more on guitars than synths as I prefer it going into overdrive or fuzz, which I don’t use much of on my synths. Also, I think it’s sort of waste to use this as set-it-and-forget-it kind of a pedal, you really want to be tweaking it as you go to find the sweet spots. I decided to put the Maestro clone on my synth board, since the slow setting is pretty much perfect for modulating synths, and I’ll use the Bi-Phase for my more psychedelic guitar experiments.

Probably obvious, but I’d say this is overkill for anyone wanting just a basic phaser. There are lots of sweet spots on it though, so it’s not hard to find interesting sounds. If you are going to use it on synths, I would suggest having it up on your desk or somewhere you can tweak as you go, same for Fender Rhodes use.

The synth board as it stands now:


I was curious about the size because of how big the original was (huge), but the behringer is not small. This thing is literally the size of a digitakt, maybe a little bigger (slightly), at least if the dimensions I saw listed are correct.

That guy in the first video is giggin tho. And the original in the second video sounds really gas inspiring, it’s a good thing I know how infrequently I would use a phase pedal otherwise I’d be googling the dual-takt / bi-tron thingy a little harder right now.

Thats a nice synth pedal station you’ve got there, not overkill, just the right kind of things for fun. I read that vermona reverb is really great, I ended up with a walrus fathom which I haven’t used much but it also sounds awesome with synth as well as guitar things.


Thanks, yeah, the Vermona Retroverb is pretty great. It sounds killer on guitar as well, and the drive circuit is absolutely fantastic.

The Bi-Phase is not small, that’s for sure. It’s built really solidly though, same as Behringer’s other Mu-tron clone (Octave Divider). Perhaps not essential pedals, but cool nonetheless.

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there’s an episode of the jhs show (not that I have watched more than 2 of them but this was one) where he basically says everyone is a hater and you won’t know the difference between a behringer pedal and the real thing, then proceeds to tell you which pedals are dead on circuits, and then does an A / B with the behringer against the pedal it’s cloning.

some people with expensive vintage pedals had very hurt feelings after that I think.

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Wondering when the behringer dual phase ones will be available or if I should just get a used biphase one from Craigslist…

There’s recently been a batch released, Andertons in the UK had them in so it shouldn’t be long before they’re re stocked

Thomann are showing 4-5 weeks until they’re back in stock


I saw a thing on a Japanese music store website that said these are no longer in production, has anyone heard that anywhere else? Did they have to stop because of the lawsuit?

haven’t heard a peep about any being released since this thread actually.

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This says that they are no longer in production and that availability is limited to what’s in inventory.

I noticed this as well:

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I think they must have gotten successfully tanked. That’s the only conclusion to draw because this pedal is too well planned to just abandon after all the hype that was surrounding it.

I can’t imagine they can repurpose this chassis into anything either, it’s so large and specific.

Wasn’t this pedal fairly new?

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New new. Renamed twice.

Or named, then renamed rather.

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Yeah, but they supposedly had a legal action from Mu-tron, and then said they were changing the name, although I got one with the Bi-phase name back in February. All very confusing.


Behringer Dual-Phase Dual Phase Shifter | Sweetwater They renamed it Dual Phase and it is backordered. I’ve got the Bi-Phase version and it sounds great. Love it on the VC340 and Juno.

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