Behringer MS-1 [was MS-101]

Reviews on the model d and neutron tell a different story.
Great sound, fine build quality.
I see why people dislike behringer, but let’s face the facts


Facts are a leopard never changes its spots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tell that the Pink Panther :grin:


Leopard spots actually change as the cat grows and matures most significantly leopard youth spots differ from adult leopard spots.

But synths…


beer spots perhaps

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I don’t see why people are bashing Behringer for their clones! If you don’t like them go buy the expensive shit and let poor people be happy with their ‘crap’ … I want to see more, a behringer in every home! :wink:


I think a lot of people into synths like that there is a price barrier for getting into synthesis.

you only need to buy a computer


That was epic actually :smiley:

To me the most shocking thing about this synth is that they also ripped off the minilogue sequencer layout :open_mouth:

Edit : Looking at it more closely it kind of gives off a general Minlogue/Monologue ripoff vibe. The sequencer, the knobs’ shape(even though they’re colored), the switches, and that weird attempt at copying the horizontal bend wheel.

So about 500$ for a decent computer plus the cost of a good midi controller 200$ plus Daw 200-500$.
But we can totally pretend making music on a computer is free ish.


If it doesn’t sound better than the Boutique SH-01a (which it won’t) which sounds better than a SH-101, then you might want to wait for the inevitable glut of them used on ebay in 6 months time for half the price, when people who bought them new come to the realisation that they could have bought a better 101 clone, an ACB one.

Don’t take my word for it though, check out youtube shootouts with OG vs Boutique and hear with your own ears :wink:

Same for the 808.


or just a computer, headphones and one of the many great free software synths.
No need for a daw, or a midi controller to get into synthesis.
Or 400 for an ipad, and 5 for a nice synth app. There are quite a lot.

Or a volca keys, bass or whatever. We live in amazing times :wink:

Edit: regarding synths


To be fair, you just need 300€ for a novation circuit and you’re pretty much set for quite some time. It does a lot.


Still above the price these behringer clones seem to be going for…

I get there are free synthesis apps and software but none that are as robust as what’s available at the paid tier.

And a computer to access its controls properly…,

To heck with that. For many people they can just use their current phone and some free apps.


I get that no one is gonna agree because it’s in vogue to bash behringer or claim one is making some great music accessing free apps and software but I think at some point we can all be realistic.
Starting with free software and apps is great. But to really learn and enter the world of synthesis there is a much higher price point than say playing guitar or bass. This is just a fact.
The volcas were the first true affordable synths with some depth and people regard them as toys. If the price barrier mentality didn’t exist that would not be as wide spread an idea as it is because the volcas are quite good

Also reply nit directed at you but it wasn’t letting me reply straight to the thread


I can’t agree, but it’s also a bit off topic :slight_smile:
There are synth apps that are way deeper than any of the behringers, and you can learn a lot more different synthesis methods with them.

Any decent guitar will cost about as much as a decent hardware synth


If you take computers into account you’d have to count electricity bills, and the fact that you’d need clothes to go to the store, etc etc… or you can consider that everyone has those and that this argument is kinda void.

I actually got into synthesis using a linux distro and only free software. I spent 100€ on a midi controller and I was all set for quite some time.

The thing is, any hobby costs a lot, guitar and bass included. If you really get into it you’d need an amp, and pedals. Then you’d realise your cheap guitar won’t cut it 'cause you need a cleaner signal to get the tone you want, so you upgrade, and it starts to amount to a lot in the end.

Anyway, it is indeed off-topic, so to go back to behringer and the MS-101, the thing is that they have a history of just blatantly ripping-off designs and schematics to other hardware, hence their bad reputation. The MS-101 clearly “borrows” a lot of its design to the minilogue (even if it’s still a 101 clone), which doesn’t help their case at all. Also ripping off korg’s design and using the MS prefix at the same time is a little shady to say the least.

Offering cheap synth is a good thing, ripping off other companies is another. (I’m not even taking remaking vintage synth into account, because to me it falls in a gray area).

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