Belated 909 Day RYTM Tribute

Hi all,

I’ve been working ALOT with the rytm lately and something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time was load up some 909 samples and see what it sounds like coupled with some of the analog filter, overdrive, and other rytm magic.

909 day sparked inspiration, so I took my baby to the park and made a little beat - which then continued into the weekend where I added some fun sounds from A4.

Here’s what I have so far:


I’m gonna be blasphemous and say that to me, this sounds better than a clean 909. This sounds way more modern and punchy :slight_smile:

Cheers stark ! Appreciate the comment.

That’s totally what I was trying to achieve with this one - I mixed in RYTM’s analog machines on every drum sound mixed it just a little lower than the 909 sound. I tried to basically make the rytm machines sound as close to the 909 as possible and tuned them so they blend evenly. The analog sounds add punch to the digital samples but without going crazy and ruining the original flavor. Compressor + Overdrive helps a bunch too :smiling_imp: