Belkin Rockstar Splitter to MERGE volcas

hi guys… anybody made any experiences using the Belkin Rockstar Headphone splitter to merge audio signals?

it says in the info you could do it… I am trying to pocket mix my 3 volcas … in a cheap way!

I was going to suggest making something using resistors, but that may work, and looks pretty cheap.

i actually went to get a omnitronic lh 101 … expensive , but I was trying to avoid the “damn, should have bought the expensive one” … it worked just fine …35 euro though

I have one of those Belkin Rockstars and it works out great for the Volcas and the TE Pocket Operators. I noticed some volume drop, but it’s size and the no need for a battery make it a huge plus for portable jams.

interesting to hear that finally from an actual user… so are you actually really seriously plugging more than 2 units into the belkin and then play them simultaneously?`

no weird artifacts? … i settles for another product as stated above, bit heavy, bit big… just thought would be better… thanks for answer acaim99

Yah! I just tested it (it had been a while) and plugged a Volca Keys, Volca Sample, PO12 and PO16 into it. The volume drops slightly with each device plugged in, but it’s still plenty loud.
No artifacts that I could hear. Plenty clean. Had them playing at the same time. Obviously it gets a bit crowded and there’s no way to EQ anything. The interesting thing is that each audio jack on it can send or receive sound. Definitely a nifty little tool. I ended up finding one on clearance for $5 at a department store at the mall.

wow … starting to regret my 35 euro metal box :frowning:

Relevant discussion on why you didn’t actually screw up

Don’t feel bad. Tho maybe consider building something - its a good learning project and you can add knobs to make it into a true mixer thing.

hi jeffe, thanks for the link … I might have been to that page before…but now I should really give it a proper read! …

my final thought right now is to use a guitar pedal, fx pedal, booster with EQ section after the merger, to make up for the gain loss …

it is just becomming heavier in my gig bag park bag, but hey, YOLO :stuck_out_tongue: ---- thanks bro!

The Belkin Rockstar will work but I would not use one for mixing as it is only 32ohms, you can bang screws in with a hammer too but it is not the proper way to do things.

Either make your own or buy a proper pre-made passive mixer, passive mixers are typically 10kOhms BTW

Shameless plug - I make a small passive mixer for exactly this task, £15 plus postage to forum members, details here:

thanks daren … I had a look …pm ed you