Best companion (synth?)to the AR mk2

So I wanted to ask you guys for some advice on my dilemma: I currently have a setup consisting of a sampler and 2 synths, and my brain simply wont work well if I’m using more than 2 pieces of gear. I am way more productive using a simple setup, and I would rather spend my time really mastering 2 pieces of gear then trying to integrate what I currently have. Ideally I would like to slim my setup down to 1 perfect sampler/sequencer, and 1 perfect synth.

After 3 months of using it, I’m completely in love with my AR mk2. I use it as a full workstation to make samplebased hiphop with synth elements (think dilla, flying lotus, hi-tek). I feel like I’ve found my do it all sampler/sequencer.

As for synths I currently own both a moog GM and a prologue 8. The GM is my favorite sounding synth of all time, and I love its simplicity. The prologue is a synth I found for cheap, its a very usefull poly, though I’ve never really loved it like I do the GM.

What would you guys advice me to sell? The GM is a mono, so would hardly be the perfect do it all synth. The prologue is cool because its quite deep and sounds good as both a mono and a poly. I could sample the heck out of the GM and then sell it, as the AR is quite capable as a monosynth. The midi sequencer on the AR is monophonic though, so perhaps the prologue wouldnt be a perfect fit without its own sequencer…should I sell both and get something else alltogether?
I would love to hear any advice on this!

Depends of whatt you want …

Maybe something more Digital ? Korg Opxsis / Wavestate , Digitone, Waldorf Iridium, Hydrasynth ?

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Good point… ideally I would like an allrounder polysynth which sounds as good as the moog grandmother haha. I know this probably doesnt exist though. I’ll check out the ones you named!

All those are “digital” FM Wavetable Sample based, like sounding…more than a tradicional Analog Warm Polysynth. If you want that check the Novation Summit, Prophet Rev2 / Prophet 6 or OB6 , PolyBrute …something along those lines…Different stuff, really.

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