Best controller for OT for live?

Just saw a video with Surgeon using a FaderFox PC4 to control various parameters (especially FX) on his new live setup which consists of an OT. Is this a good choice? The mixing section of the OT seems easy to access so I’m looking more for controller of its FX and more hidden or menu driven features when playing live. The FaderFox UC4 has been mentioned before as well. What do y’all recommend and why? Akai APC40 mk2? Thanks.


Curious to know too.

The faderfox MX12 was specifically designed for the black trinity devices.


I’ve been curious about those Faderfox controllers for ages but I haven’t had an opportunity to try one out. I don’t think I’d be able to resist if a competitively-priced and minty-fresh UC44 sprang up somewhere, but that might be overkill for just the OT.

Something to consider that I hadn’t really thought about from trawling these internets - I’ve seen a stray reviewer mention that they wished the faders were a bit longer on one of the FF models. I don’t remember which one, but it’s the kind of thing that would make me throw it back. Interested to know about real world use and especially about controllers that people are really satisfied with and would definitely get again if it broke.

Another one to be aware of is theStudioLogic SL Mixface. I’ve not tried that either and there are some DAW transport controls on the side that might be of limited use, but FYI.


Yeap and add the PC12 and you are in midi control heaven :smiley:


+1 for mx12. it is the best controller I ever used. everything feels nice and solid. very good faders! and both mx12 and pc12 have snapshots. so you can send saved snapshots of all the values at once. very very cool :slight_smile:


I should be getting both an Octatrack mk2 and and Electra ONE very shortly…
so will create a template for the Octatrack :slight_smile:


Joe Farr uses/used to use an akai mpd232:

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I discovered the Electra One a few weeks ago and I really think this could be a great device to control all kind of hardware/software.

Would be very nice if you want to share some of your thoughts when you get it.

I like that. Like Lemur, but with a smarter connection:
“USB device with 2 ports, USB Host port for connecting 2 MIDI USB devices, and 2 standard MIDI IN/OUT ports.”


Good old Behringer BCR2000 still is a good choice imho.
Lots of knobs and buttons, can send snapshot of all values, 32 presets can be stored, it can send PC, CC, NRPN, Notes, Aftertouch and MMC.
Midi merge and Thru functionality.

IIRC it’s possibly to program it to always send CC61 (=request parameters on Octatrack) when changing presets.

Also nice that it doesn’t need an editor, everything can be edited on the hardware.

It feels like aweful cheap plastic and looks pretty ugly, but mine still works fine after more than 10 years. :upside_down_face:


sure, I’ll likely do a video on it - once Ive set it up,
(so will post on here about how well it works with the Octatrack)

I think its got a lot of potential…
I’ve got a funny feeling, its going to be an odd-ball, which seems a bit uninspiring on paper, but in practice will be very useful.

I think the main concern Id have is, like all these things, the initial setup time,
but Ive already got some ideas on how to handle/reduce that :wink:


Thanks that would be very kind :wink:

I didn’t check the set up thing yet, but it should be not all that different as doing it with lemur, in fact much easier to do, since there should be less options, less modules.

And as you said, once set up you can save those, if I remember right, and have different ones for different gear… and control two simultaneously, thats really cool… I think.

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yeah, you can have up to 6 pages of controls, so thats 216 parameter(!) with pretty quick access.
and you can save and recall these ‘presets’ on the device for different setups.

another interesting feature is you can save ‘patches’, these include the values of all the parameters.
so might be interesting to recall ‘states’ of the octatrack (or synths)

not quite sure how the ‘UI’ works for the save/recall of these things till I get it in my hands,
so thats something I’ll be checking very early on :slight_smile:

(the patch editor is online, and its very simple … just drag n’ drop components on to each page, and set cc etc… what a little uncommon is it not only supports CC, but also sysex, and NRPN)

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Makes me all think of getting one for the OT and other gear I have. This would be great for studio use. Not sure how the touch thing would work live when it is more sweaty, also probably more difficult to use if you are a wild dancer while performing.

Looking forward for your little review :wink:

What are the main differences between the MX12 and PC12? Fyi, I have OT, RYTM, AK all mk1 but only use the OT for live.

mx12 has 12 faders, 24 buttons and 24 pots.
pc12 has 12 buttons and 72 pots.

they both have 1 push encoder with detents. they have 2 midi in, and 2 midi out. you can set up which midi input goes to which midi output, and it will merge with the midi from the controller, but it can not merge the 2 midi inputs. there are 30 setups with 30 presets each, this are snapshots with all the values of the controls.

and setting up the controls is pretty easy :slight_smile:


I still have my as well, but it is so big! It doesn’t fit my live setup.
Otherwise a great controller! I have used it a lot

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I have been using just a Beatstep. Fits perfectly in front of OT. Mainly use as 16 mute and levels for Cue and Main. Easy flip to a preset of all 16 effect mix parameters. Great for remixing on the fly.


Fader length is very individual taste. Same with fader stiffness. Try one out yourself. Be cognizant of the fact that there’s a tradeoff between fader length and device size, or between fader length and number of other controls you can fit.