Best drum machine to pair with Eurorack?

Hey guys, since I sold my Machinedrum I feel a lack of creativity when synthesizing percussion on laptop. I have been using more samples than before because working with the DT but I really need to explore percussive sound possibilities. That’s why I am interested into take a semimodular drum machine which can easily work with my eurorack modules, sync it and clock it. I usually sequence my VCOs etc. with a beatstep pro so that’s way I was interested maybe into some Arturia drum machine but also on MFB stuff. Anyway nothing too expensive, I know pulsar23 would fit perfectly but it is out of budget at the moment… any advice?

Eurorack, beatsteppro and vermona DRM is quitte nice. Definitely cheaper second hand then separate eurorack modules

As far as I can see, the deepest drum synth engine is the Nord Drum 2/3, and IMO it sounds excellent. Pairs very nicely with OT/DT sequencer. On the downside, no individual outs. Difficult to find ND2 for a reasonable price second hand, and the pads on the ND3 may be superfluous.

From demos and trying Drumbrute in a shop; limited soundshaping / synthesis and simply don’t like the sound.

I have the MFB Tanzmaus and there’s a lot to like about it. The analogue engines (BD, Snare, Clap, Tom and Rim) are limited in scope, and sometimes can do with layering. The two sample engines (can load own samples) are 12 bit and sound raw and crunchy. It’s got p/locks and and lfo per track (except for Rim). It slaves well to midi clock (mostly from OT in my case). Individual outs are a plus. Some complain about the UI, but I don’t find it a problem - the sequencer is pretty powerful.

My dream drum machine would be an Electron sequencer with ND synth engine, a couple of MfB analogue voices and individual outs.

Eurorack drums is a very expensive pursuit! There are some very cool modules, like Noise Engineering’s BI, but it needs a lot of modulation sources to get the most out of it - and of course with eurorack - no presets. The DFAM is the only semimodular drum synth I can think of which isn’t too expensive.

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I had a DRM MK2, IMO it has a “vintage sound”. The oscillators on the DRM 1,2,3 channels are amazing - they go v low and sound rich. But for me the envelopes are sloppy. I reckon it’s better suited to downtempo styles. Didn’t like the clap, the snare is “OK”, but again, not snappy. Didn’t like that pitch decay was hardwired to Amp Env decay on the DRM channels.

Do you know how many tracks in it? By looking at specs I couldn’t find this…

As in voices / drum parts? One

Sounds like you want to get MD again :wink:

Volca Drum might fill the void for a while

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Tracks can mean a few things, but the DFAM is simple either way - it’s monophonic (though you do have independent CV control over both oscillators and the noise level) and it has no pattern storage. It’s purely a case of what you see is what you get, and there are only eight steps and you can’t have fewer than eight (unless you fake it by changing the pattern speed). On paper it’s very, very limited - but with hands-on control or CV modulation, it can sound amazing. You won’t get a regular drum machine experience out of it, but at the same time you won’t get a DFAM experience from a regular drum machine. It’s a great companion to Eurorack, but if you’re after an MD-style device then you’ll need to take a close look at the DFAM before making any decisions.

Good choice but no CV modulation unfortunately…