Best iPad DAW / audio sequencer

I’m after some advice on what people are using with regards to an iPad daw. I find I am working a lot remotely at the moment and I’d like to use the iPad to record my hardware patterns, trim and then be able to easily sequence back.

Preferably, the ability to use threshold recording and also a good audio editor, then be able to easily create a linear sequence using the chunks of audio. I’m not to concerned with midi sequencing or synths etc.

What do you good people recommend?

Steinberg Cubasis2
It’s a mini version of Cubase for the iPad. Linear timeline with tracks and mixer and a lot of good editing features.


Cubasis and Auria Pro seem to be among the most comprehensive DAWs out there.

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NanoStudio 2 is out also, not sure how it stacks up against Cubasis and AuriaPro in practice, but the intention of NanoStudio is also to be full featured.

Also great is Beatmaker 3, but for your needs it’s probably going to be Cubasis or Auria.

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Thanks for the tips - ended up going with Beatmaker 3, looks like an awesome app!


Congrats! It’s an AWESOME app :slight_smile:

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If you can see past some of the worse-thought-out UI elements beatmaker 3 is literally better than buying a new MPC. It does pretty much anything I could need it to do, just wish it was a bit smoother to use. Can’t go wrong for 20 odd quid though


I’m glad y’all love your MPC Lives but don’t forget that that device was shipped with Bluetooth and Wifi support PRINTED on the box and it took nearly a year for those features to be delivered - just to give an example. Or the whole debacle around MPC 2.0 software. Glad they’ve seemingly upped their game since, I root for the MPC always as I’ve loved it for a decade+

BM3 is a fantastic app. I found it’s UI weird in the beginning. Never knew where I was. But I’ve adapted to it now and I don’t get lost too often :smiley:
It does have some random crashes though and no midi clock :frowning:

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But man have they’ve gotten a lot of great updates for their MPC’s. I can’t say the same for my DT.

Lol point taken, can’t argue with that one :slight_smile:

Bm3 all the way. Last update was very questionable though. Broke some functionality (sampling monitoring!?)and removed some entirely (Midi au routing). Apparently all being fixed in the next one.

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I noticed the sampling monitoring, thought that was weird. Good to hear they are addressing that!

sunvox here, running like a charm on a 1st gen ipad - tracker, modular patching, timeline pattern sequencer…DAWish :yum:


Is it possible to record hardware synths and other stuff in cubasis ???

sure is

NanoStudio 2 is quite nice

How do you manage this in the app ?

hmm? not sure what you mean?

cubasis has audio tracks. so create an audio track, set input ch, rec arm, and off you go. very straightforward.

I absolutely can’t routing any hardware synth to cubasis . I just can‘t find it . please can anyone give me a step by step how to record a hardware synth ? I use the ur rt4 interface from steinberg