Best way to expand my scarlett 6i6?

I only really need two more inputs.

I like to run all three of my synths at the same time. 1 mono synth, 1 stereo, and a digitakt. Currently i run the digitakt mono but id like to have an open input for a mic as well.

So i need an extra input to run the digitakt stereo and another for a mic.

I have a scarlett 6i6, whats the best way to get a couple extra inputs? I suppose my options are to buy another 6i6 and connect them via spdif. Or run them as an aggregate device. I dont want high latency though, not sure how well either of these options work.

I could also get a mixer, but since im running them all at the same time i dont see how that can solve my problem

Theres also the option of buying a bigger interface, that will cost alot more than getting another 6i6 though

Any suggestions?

You can buy the beringer “midas” convertors, they give a great value for money and 8 in out , so you can also make use sending stuff in real time to your digitakt

You mean like this?

That looks pretty awesome actually.

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Yes that’s what he meant! There’s also the Focusrite version:

But it’s a bit more expensive.

Edit: not spdif sorry!

the 6i6 uses spdif, not adat.

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Anything like that for spdif?

Best bet is an external mixer tbh.

you could sell or swap the 6i6 for an Audient id14 (same price new) which has adat.
then grab the behringer micpre to expand.

I dont understand how a mixer can solve my problem. But ive never owned one before.

I want both of the synths and the digitakt to run audio all at the sime time. I also want to be able to individually apply effects and eq on the computer after recording. Since ill still have the same number of inputs wouldnt i still have the same problem?

There are a number of mixers that will give you usb audio. Depending on the specs of the mixer, this can mean individual audio tracks into the daw.

I assume i would have to setup an aggregate device with asio4all on windows in that case?

I think ive decided im going to buy an 18i20 for now. Then sell the 6i6 later. Will probably buy that pre amp too as the 18i20 has adat input

Buying another 6i6 seems like a waste as ill only be able to use two of those inputs via spdf

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Could you name a few please?

An 18i20 is a good choice…and it allows you to grow…

fwiw, I have a Motu 828 Hybrid and use an 18i20 as an ADAT expansion… you could do the same by adding the Behringer ADA8000 to the 18i20.

Note that if you add an ADAT pipe, the computer still only sees one audio interface… a clean setup