Best way to get DN and DT tracks into a DAW

Hi All,

I’m currently working with a DT and a DN linked to write most of my music. I am really happy with the results I’m getting, especially with the scale and pattern per track. The variation is crazy.

However, I keep hitting a snag when I try to get the songs into my DAW (Ableton). I have been using OB, but unfortunately I really don’t like how it sounds. It pretty much takes all the flavor out of the music, so I have to got back and remix the entire thing. Kind of annoying when everything already sounds like I want it to.

I could do the old fashioned track-by-track method, but it is super boring and tedious and there is a slight audio lag when it’s being imported. I have even tried just doing a stereo bounce of DT and DN, but this is obviously not ideal.

Any thoughts? I really want to capture what I have in the these machines in a DAW without it being a tedious bore.


overbridge doesn’t have it’s own sound. It just transports digital data from DT and DN to computer.
What is giving you the sound is the device that you use for playback in a DAW(soundcard, DAC).
Just use DT or DN as a sound output in DAW and you’ll get the same sound as gfrom these boxes on their own (DT or DN and it’s DACs will be used for playoback)

From my experience DT, DN and Analog Heat have a much nicer DACs than most cheap soundcards. The difference is noticaeable.


this - wild that soundcards of this quality are available at this price, and that they also function as synthesizers!

I wonder if this is because when tracking individually in Overbridge, it doesn’t track with the FX. That might be what’s changing your sound. Only stereo track will have FX included.

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