Best way to record DT and DN to Ipad

Hello, propably not a new question. What can be best way to record DN and DT to Ipad? I am runnning both to Focusrite Audio Interface and from that to Ipad with USB. But when recording multiple audio track at once, its hard to EQ everything right, but while recording audio track separately, it gets kinda hard to sync them all perfectly, mostly from the rythm perspective… maybe I should use DN and DT more asi Midi controller, but I would really like to capture their audio output. I am kinda new into it, so I would be glad for any meaningful advice :D.

I would plug DN into DT, then usb from DT to CCK and iPad.

If you’re tracking out stems you might want to turn the tracks send FX off and then record the fx track individually. DT has comprehensive features for what gets sent out of its USB port :wink:

Ty for fast answer! Will try to use the DT USB, instead of going thru the interface and will use the interface for guitar and other stuff!