Beyond Midi solutions quadra thru?

Hi everyone!

Im happy with my midi solutions quadra thru, but have used all my 4 midi connections it provides.

Do you guys have any advice? Get a second midi thru? Or are there other better options id you want to split to more than 4 midi signals?

Look at Iconnectivity interfaces.
Those are a bit expensive, but cheap second hand.
Iconnectmidi4+ and such.
Those work really well,
Do midi, usb midi, connect to iPad, can be extended with a usb hub.

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I’d had a look at one of these, 4 in & 6 out, merge and thru templates among others. Sticking with my Midi Solutions merge for now.

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This one should fit the bill for you:


This one works great and it’s better than using multiple chained thru-boxes because each box is going to have some latency even if it is low. There are also a smaller versions if you don’t need 25:

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List your MIDI gear and how it’s connected so that we can advise.


Thanks peter; here goes:


Keystep midi out > OT midi in

OT midi out > RYTM midi in

RYTM midi thru > midi solutions box

Midi solutions out 1 > Typhon

Midi solutions out 2 > NDLR

NDLR 1 -> prophet

NDLR 2 -> peak

Midi solutions out 3 > OTO BIM

Midi solutions 4 > Moog sub 37

As you see in this setup I use the ndlr, but I’d like to be able to use my keystep/octatrack for peak and prophet too so would need 2 more midi clock/note outs

You don’t need to buy any more gear to achieve what you want.

A quick look at the NDLR’s manual shows that it has MIDI merge capability so that MIDI messages arriving at its MIDI In can be passed through to its MIDI Out ports. You can easily send messages from the Keystep and OT to the Prophet and Peak with the gear that you already have.

You also have the option of putting the NDLR between the Keystep and the OT and using the OT to route messages from the Keystep and NDLR to all the other gear in your setup. In that scenario, you can use the Peak’s MIDI Thru port to get you another MIDI connection without buying more gear.

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wow, hadnt thought of that! thats what I love about this forum! thanks!

Only problem with your second suggestion (NDLR between keystep and OT) is that the NDLR will then not receive the midi clock from the OT (which is handy / important for the arpeggiator/sequences). But still, great to try out sometime!

If that’s important to you, you could equally place it after the OT so that it receives data from the OT but can still control all downstream instruments.

very true! thanks again!