Big Problems - A4 and rytm Techno track

Track taken from the 3/14/2017 live hardware set
here is a live Recording using Mostly Analog Gear. I am using two sets of gear, one Drum machine and one Synth in each set, mixed much like a DJ would. The Concept was to make lots of loops ideas and preform it live Ad-lib. This Way I have more Control over mood with giving more unpredictable results.

Everything is recorded to individual tracks so i can edit to tracks at a later date.

Elektron Analog 4- Synth stab
Elektron Rytm - Drums, and sample

everything was recorded mutitracked to a toft 32 mixer and three fireface 800 with ableton live. used ableton live for some Fx like reverb and some delays. Also set up ableton to sum each combo/track with a midi controller to dj the two sides together.

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