Big Sur launch causing havoc on non-Big Sur Macs

This happened to me yesterday and just about ruined my day.

Happened on my iMac running Mojave. It was very frustrating and seemed to come out of the blue. Ableton Live 10, and application I had just used, was suddenly not responding.
Saw that there was a newer version that I could install. Downloaded, installed, but on launching the first time it would hang at validation.
Did a first aid check on my internal SSD, fearing several sectors might have failed at once, scan was fine.

I checked console and found an anti-virus app I had installed trying to run to call home and then not being validated by the system, caught in a loop.
Launching other applications took forever and installing a new application (that would remove the one caught in a loop) wasn’t possible as it would also hang during the verification process on launch.

Eventually I manually removed all associated .plists and files, rebooted, and it was fine. But it took 2 hours.
Had no idea it was due to this, until someone at school posted it in our Slack this morning.


Yikes. Another reason I wish Kyma, Continuum, and Melodyne would run on Linux. Those are the three reasons I am stuck on this damnable platform. I was planning a nice day making music today. I hope it isn’t foiled by this sort of thing. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Going to stay on Mojave on the MBP and High Sierra on the Mac Mini until the end of their and my Apple days. Done with this update hell.


For the past 15 years computers have got worse and worse, IMHO, I think it is terrible that the computer and software industry are not brought to task for this kind of thing.

Still, once computers are driving all the road and air vehicles for us we’ll probably look back on these times fondly :exploding_head:


Just updated my main work/music-computer to Big Sur today. I’d say it’s the biggest leap forward in a long time in usability and visual terms. Everything is so much prettier than before and also works like a charm.

Even I noticed some disturbances in the force yesterday as my right click suddenly stopped working in my music/itunes app. After updating it’s back to normal.

At the same time I’m trying to downgrade an old MBP to High Sierra or earlier because Catalina is just way too intensive for it and I’d like to have a computer around that still opens older apps.

I’ve always been an early adopter of new operating systems but there’s some charm in the oldies too.


Remember when Macs “just worked”? That was a very, very long time ago, when you actually got something back for paying the Apple tax.

My first Mac, a PowerMac G4 (the wind tunnel…) kept going for 11 years until the HD failed. It would have probably still worked if I replaced it.


Data collection buzzkill incoming:


Anyone here watch Louis Rossman on youtube? He has a very successful Macbook repair business in NYC. He details a lot of the failures in design that apple have implemented over the years that they either don’t address or only address years down the line. Also does some undercover genius bar stuff to see how little effort they put into repairs and how much they overcharge.


Woof… so how’s Linux these days? Is there a less shitty version of Windows out there?


Dunno but I’m interested as well.

So I take it no one else without Big Sur installed had any of the issues mentioned in the article yesterday?

Ya know, ahem, the topic.


I disagree… computers and software always had bugs and issues (at least for 35+ years I’ve been using them) , and you couldn’t just download a patch or search youtube to fix them :wink:

what we are seeing though is more ‘turnover’ , caused by users wanting to update continually…

you can blame the market they have created…

so yes, things at times are being released too quickly, because we now have infrastruture to release updates… and know these are demanded anyway.

software and hardware companies continually having to update and innovate, whilst users are crying out for free updates (for existing products), not just in the software market but in hardware (firmware updates).

for some users, even that is not fast enough, so companies have started offering public beta programs… and users then complain the beta is not stable.

then on top of that, users expecting/complaining about paying for software upgrades… (and subscription models) because they expect it all for free.

frankly, expectations are a bit out of control…


Nope, still on Mojave and mine’s been fine.

Nope. High Sierra here. No problems at all

No problems on Catalina, a friend of mine actually called yesterday describing some of the same issues with applications not responding. Not sure what OS he’s on but seems like an odd coincidence!

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I’m on Mojave, I didn’t notice anything major, but I wasn’t on my macbook much, and it’a a 5 year old machine so the occasional slowdown is not unheard of.

No problems here but I am on ye olde Sierra.

There was a temporary slowdown for non Mac apps. It affected me at work. I couldn’t ls or cd without waiting 6 minutes per command.

Same with trying to open Chrome/etc…

It seems to have been resolved now.

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I updated my late 2013 MBP to Catalina only two weeks ago, and it’s running fine. No issues thus far.

I always hang back one OS update cycle. Just too maddening trying to check compatibility with all the various and sundry applications and drivers.


Big Sur used up the last ice cubes and didn’t refill the tray. Beyond that, no issue’s.