Bigsky vs Space reverbs

Looking to get a nice reverb and these seem to be the two that everyone finds themselves ruminating over.

I’ve been watching endless youtube videos and I still can’t make my mind up. The Bigsky seems more suited to lush ambient stuff, and the Space is a bit more electronica/techno sounding to my ears. I’m making stuff that sits somewhere in between.

I was leaning towards the Bigsky but in my youtube hunting I came across this, the sound of which I’ve become a bit obsessed with:

Is this reverb unique to the Space? I assume you’d be able to dial in something near identical into the Bluesky, right?

What are peoples thoughts on the two - is there much that the Space can do that the Bluesky can’t? I don’t want to do anything too wild or mangled, just dial up stuff for creating nice ambience.

You have to make a choice, it’s totally subjective.
I chose Space because I thought it could propose crazier sounds, and I’ve never regretted my choice.
Now you may also consider the new Empress Reverb : lots of yummi in this box as well !

I just grabbed the Empress reverb. Haven’t tried big sky or space but the Empress just seemed to sound more ‘real’ from the videos I saw, as well as also being great for the ‘fx’ verbs. I’d guess at 99% of people being happy with either of those 3 pedals though.
One thing about the Empress is that they seem very proactive with updates atm cos it’s a new product. They just added 3 new reverbs last week and there’s suggestions/voting on their forum for future additions. Onboard looper with option for ‘pre/post reverb’ etc seems to be coming very soon too.

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Another thing that goes for the Empress is the form factor IMO. I really enjoy Empress pedals format.

Hey @Callofthevoid, would you mind doing a bunch of videos to show what Empress does to synths ? Guess you’d have a bunch of views :wink:

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Yeah no prob, when I get a minute I can do a little empress vid. Maybe this wknd…

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I tried the empress effect reverb and delay in a shop, they are very good! Nice sound, well built all seems good!!


I had a rackmount reverb (Lexicon PCM80) , then sold it because I wanted a more “performance friendly” reverb.
I’ve been trying to find the smallest portable “live” setup possible, with the best sound.
Left without a reverb…I chose the Strymon “Big Sky”.
First of all…I really liked the Lexicon, so I won’t claim that the Strymon is better sounding, it’s just that it sound fantastic and in an amazingly small box.
Unless you are a sound designer for film and such…I frankly don’t see the need for the latest Lexicon or Eventide rack unit.

Empresssssssss gas

I don’t know which delay you used…
I used to have the vintage modified super delay and it was awesome !
Only downside was for dirty sounds such as guitar fuzz, I found at that time… Don’t know if I would think the same today :slight_smile:
And I don’t recall it being stereo…
But really it was beautiful !!

A4/AK delay and reverb suit me fine :slight_smile:

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The Eventide Space is a relatively compact pedal, just like the Strymon

Just as a tip, Eventide H9 Maxed out contains all Space reverbs and a tonne of delays, modulation and pitch algos. A proper multitool, love mine!

I was speaking of Eventide’s rack stuff, classic or new. But you are correct.
I should have noted that.
Both crossed my choice.

Both of these pedals are so lovely in their own ways, i’m a happy owner of the space and my band mate has got the big sky. I particularly love the cloud setting on big sky and the black hole on space, they are both quite unique and hard to recreate on opposing boxes. As far as really designing the sounds and deep control go, i’d have to give it up to space with it’s on-board eq and other range of FX like tremolo, compression, delay, and gate style limiting.

Not sure how the Space is set out, but on the Empress you cant mix and match aspects like delay/tremelo/lofi etc. You kind of get specific sets of parameters within the separate algos. So if Space allows you to mix and match from all areas inside of one patch, that’s a definite selling point. Empress has all those things and they sound great, but you’re limited to certain parameters depending which algo you’re using. There are a lot tho and more being added.

I must admit that I didn’t know Eventide made rack units. So I stand corrected as well I guess :slight_smile: