Bitstream 3X template Octatrack

hi, here is a template for the bitstream 3x to control the octatrack, took me some time to work it out, cos you can only assign CC’s with the editor (most editing and assignments have to be done on the editor, even basic ones), which didn’t work on my macbook pro. had to use a pc to do it.

It has 5 groups, organised in sequence (from left to right) tracks 1-8

group 00 is for general performance, contains controls for filter width, rettrig, pitch and fx 2 send.

group 01 is called Playback and has controls for sample start, rate, rettrig and rettrig time

group 02 is Filter (or fx 1), controls for filter width, filter base, resonance and filter e.g. amount ( or corresponding fx control)

group 03 is fx 2 (delay/reverb…) fx param 1, 2, 4 and 6

group 04 is Amp, controls for attack, hold, release and balance

group 5 is LFO’s, it’s only mapped to the first LFO, has controls for lfo depth and speed.

faders are all track volume for all the groups.
buttons are for mutes of the audio tracks 1-8 on all the groups

You will need the editor to upload it and modify it. There is a lot of information on the bitstream website about how to do all this.

This has opened up the octatrack to whole new levels for me. hope it 's of use to more people.

All the best


Nice! :+1:

Thank you!

Beer for you I will buy.

Im really sorry I just noticed this!! awesome man!!! thank you very much!!

good work! respect, bro!

…i don’t get it…

why using a controler to control the ot?
all parameters are just a knob away…so why using a second machine?

can someone explain that to me…there must be some advantage i can’t figure out…

You can assign mutes to vol instead of level so delay tails aren’t cut off.
Also you have 8 faders so you can adjust several levels at once.
There’s loads of other perks but then it’s another piece of kit to take to gigs!
I guess it depends how you work. I used mine a lot once upon a time but with clever use of the OTs scenes I don’t feel the need atm.

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I think it’s a really underrated piece of kit. It’s fiddly as fuck to get the rhythms & melodies out of it but they’re worth their weight in gold, some real gems. Keep meaning to spend a day with it & record it’s output into the Cirklon.

Lets say you are on mixer mode on the octa, want to adjust the retrigg setting on a track. First get out of mixer mode, select the track u want, select the page u want and start tweking, 3 steps taken.
With the bitstream (or any other midi controller) is already there (if u set it to be there), whats more, u can control several tracks settings at the same time on the fly (fx sends, filters u name it), without having to do all the track selection a menu diving.

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Yeah man give me a shout, we should hook up for a beer anyway, I’m around for the next couple of weeks if you fancy it?
Cirklon is just awesome, but, it’s another machine that demands your time, only got so much lol

Exactly :slight_smile:

…ok, i got it…

bitstream was on my list years ago…got some space left in my rig…so for now, i say thanx for the extra work…might help here someday, too…

Has anyone tried running the Editor on a Windows Virtual Machine on OSX?
I am guessing that would do the trick correct?

Also there are linux binaries, I wonder how hard it would be to run or port these to OSX. The Editor Code is now Open Source and it’s on Github.

Just bought one of these off of ebay, $255.00.

many many thanks for the time you spent doing this man !!
much appreciated really …
is there anyone out here who knows how to program sysex …
i have sparetime to work on the 3x but syses is chineese to me …
thanks for your help guys

Post any questions in the right place on the forum (this thread or others) and we’ll try to help.

Thanks so much for posting this.
you’ve spent a lot of time and have done a great job.
hats off!

I tried using winebottler, but no success! You can run the windows app, but cant connect to the device. A virtual machine should work though, but can’t try. damn…

Tried everything on a mac, had to use a pc laptop to make it work.

Anyone have any tips on getting this to work? I’m an absolute Luddite!

Also, does anyone have the firmware updates at all?


If it helps, this runs fine on my mac. not the best interface but does work.