Bome Midi Translator Pro

I always forget about this marvelous little program. For anyone looking to buy new shiny midi controllers for all of their integration with your DAW of choice (Looking at you Ableton) you can set up most if not all of those feautures with any midi controller in your possession. I successfully used my Launchpad Pro to control Lives Browser so I can pick effects and instruments right from the controller in User mode. Let’s get the power back into the hands of the people!

I love Bomes!
Eventually getting a BomeBox.
It’s gonna make the Dark Trinity do crazy stuff.

Those boxes are nuts! I don’t have enough physical hardware to utilize it to it’s full potential but that’s a fine purchase for those with crazy hardware set ups.

I dont really either, but just the fact that you can take 1 button press and do so many things with it.
I think about combining scenes and perf modes on multiple boxes.

My BomeBox will arrive tomorrow! Since I have two neat Livid Instrument MIDI Controllers which are awesome but have so shitty firmwares which were never finished …or sometimes even made worse with updates. Bome will jump in and do their job to save the day. Just the price of the software hurts a lot. This is an expensive “fix”.