Boomy and distorted sound with headphones

I’ve recently started to move my DT away from the desk and started using it on my lap on the sofa.

For this, I’ve started using some lightweight headphones that I got in a sale ages ago:

Problem is, whenever I use them I get a horribly distorted and boomy sound.

Here is where it gets odd: if I use a Belkin Rockstar headphone splitter ( then the sound becomes perfect.

This is the same on my DT and A4.

Any ideas why this happens?

From the advert stuff on the website it seems like those headphones are tuned to have extra bass. You may want to try more evenly tuned headphones that dont give any extra attention to certain frequencies.

It sounds a bit bassy when I run it through the headphone splitter, but it’s far better than without.

I’d just like to see if I can find a way to use them without a Belkin splitter hanging out the back.

You could pull out the low frequencies when you are mixing/writing music. Unfortunately those particular headphones you have are geared more toward listening and not production.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t mix on there. I have studio monitors.

These are simply just for laidback jamming as they’re lightweight, comfortable and easy to take on the road.

It most likely happens because their plug is a TRRS, having a microphone as well.



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Thanks Simon, I didn’t think about that.

It’s odd that the splitter solves this problem. Not a big deal though, I have other headphones which I can use, albeit ones that don’t fit into a small case with the DT.


I have the same pair of headphones and had issues with the TRRS on my Tascam recorder. I found using an extender solves the issue (no extra ring for the mic). When my urbanite cable died I bought a cheapo one from amazon (UK link) and that has no ring for the mic so it works perfectly well - and it’s braided, too!


I was thinking the bad sound was due to me badly adjusting levels of each track, for the last 6 months. Thanks, really.

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Probably, you have impedance mismatch between DT and the headphones which have too low an impedance. They were designed for portable players, not for music instruments…
my advice is: get a pair of studio Headphones (Beyer DT 770 for example - 250ohms version )