Boutique Suitcase Soundsystem

These look pretty cool for the audio enthusiast who has nearly everything …

Here’s the main company producing them:

I think there are a few others as well. A friend has one and it kicks ass, much better than I ever expected.

Thanks for the post! We’re actually competitors like Chicago vs LA


Cheers for the clarification there, HiFiCase … i didn’t think Jimbo’s post was referring to the item i posted, and in fact he wasn’t. All cool :slight_smile:

how does something like this compare to a minirig + sub? Freq response and SPL?

genelec tri system is my go-to choice for a near/mid field stereo and sub combo

the suitcase is for portable funky sounding coolness

Ok, but still seems strange to me that there are no specs on any of these units…?

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it’s just a boutique item although yes some specs would be cool.

from what i gather the idea is a novelty fabulous item of interest, conversation and entertainment,
as mentioned - for the audio enthusiast who already has everything.

specs would totally be appreciated though yes

Hey guys. I wanted to post some specs and thought process that goes into each build. For most for these cases I plan for durability and reliability while aiming for full range sound. Its definitely a fun novelty. I think i like it because im a big fan of the ritual of vinyl records. Having something cool to look at while listening to music is just more interesting imo.

Typically I use good polycone woofers with rubber surrounds (in case they get wet). Most of these boxes perform well at 80hz and up. I’ve found lower frequencies really create more rattle than sound in these old suitcases. A good proper subwoofer to handle below 120hz needs weight and mass to run well and also a fair amount of power which really doesn’t lend itself to being a speaker you would want to carry around. So I stick with typical 2 or 3 way setups with woofer, midrange and tweeter.

The other factor to consider is the voltage availability from the lithium ion battery. Typically I can use 20watt to 100watt class t amps in my builds. I try to make up for it by going with the most efficient speakers to get the most out of the watts available. If money were no issue I would definitely go for some high sensitivity/low weight neodymium woofers.

I use UL listed Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries in all my builds. I can easily get 10hours on a charge but anything beyond that is really based on listening levels. More bass and overall volume will draw more power from the battery and shorten run time. I also have an optional phone charging port which also would drain he battery quicker.

I use the best bluetooth apt-x 4.0 boards I can get and they have been pretty reliable up to 30 feet. Anything else is hit or miss but I think its on par with most bluetooth speakers. There are some newer bluetooth technologies out there but they aren’t available to DIY people like me.

The samsonite suitcase in this post is actually pretty nice for this purpose. Its made of fairly thick wood and the rubberized cover dampens and vibrations

alright my wife is yelling at me so i’ll warp it up.


cool … would there be some way to custom arrange some supportive material for the suitcase sound system to handle machinedrum bassdrums say 20-70hz sometimes, if not overly emphasized?