Bug with Analog Rytm Sequencer?


I occasionally have this issue and I am not sure what’s going on…

Sometimes I will have a pattern recorded, but when I press the Record button, the trigs will be lit up in Yellow as if there are trigless p-locks on each trig. If I press an un-lit Trig then it will light up in Yellow (As if I was pressing the function key and trying to enter a trigless plock.

When I press the Trig a second time, nothing happens and it stays lit up yellow (which is different behavior from trigless p-locks).

If I change to a different track, then record mode works as expected, and pressing Trigs turn them Red like normal when entering a note Trig.

However, when I switch back to track 1 BD, the trigs are again all lit up in Yellow and I can not remove any of the trigs, only enable them.

Anyone experience this or have any idea what’s going on? Is this a bug?

It’s not a bug. I also had this. Check out the trig page of the 1BD track, I guess synth and sample playback are disabled. Turn them on or just clear the page to default and the grid should behave again as expected. I hope that helps, I was going nuts before I realized what’s going on.


Ah, yes you are right - the trigs turn yellow if you turn off both Synth and Sample Trigger. Thank you.

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If you were turning any knobs while in rec mode itll add trigless trigs on any steps that dont already have note trigs.

To get rid of yellow trigs, if you press it itll turn red, press it again itll be gone. OR, while in rec mode hold NO while the loop plays but you wipe everything, OR hold down the knob of the param you want wiped while in rec mode for a loop.
OR while in step rec mode func+clear, but that also wipes that track clean.

I probably fucked up in one or more of my descrips tho.

While it’s true that the trigs turn yellow with the engines disabled… I have experienced the trigs staying yellow even after switching the engines back on with my MKII RYTM. I was unable to record anything to those affected tracks, no matter how I tried “entering” the trigs or re-enabling the engines. I was using OB2 beta with it and am on the latest beta firmware as well as the latest OB2 beta version running Mojave on the late 2018 15” MacBook Pro. I can’t recall how I remedied this issue exactly, but I don’t believe that it was as simple as power cycling, which is why this weird issue rang a bell when I read your post. My point being, look out for monsters.