Built up my 'Live' box....!

Finally got around to building my performance box in my old Mackie 24:4 mixer case that I found in the cellar!!

Rather pleased with it!! I mad the Buchla style twin Elektron folding case, everything fits nicely…its a matter of lid off, one power socket, stereo outs and Im in!!

Looks good… Minitaur nice choice… Can you lug it around with one arm?

can t see pics here on an ipad

cant see pics, win7 chrome

Same here, I get

The requested content cannot be loaded.
Please try again later.

When I try to open an image!

…also on ipad…nothing to see…

and when i upload a photo of my own it ends up the wrong way here…

sometimes i even write and it’s not writing at all…

not to mention all these double posts i can’t help not to happem…

all happens only here…

Weird…!!! Sorry folks, I dont know why thats the case, theyre just bog standard iphone pics, nothing fancy??
I uploaded them using Chrome…!?

@Cosmosuave: Yeah…there’s a bit of weight in it but manageable!!

Funny, in this thread I can’t see them,
but they do appear in the “your setups” thread:

Same for me.
Using Safari on Yosemite
But looks good Peza! Domination in a case!

What’s odd is I can see the pics here but any other thread I cannot see pics… There was a time that I could but not anymore still using Chrome on a desktop PC… So there is def an issue with this site…