Bumping up against Part limitations

Is there a way to change the Part for an entire Bank at once, rather than on a pattern-by-pattern basis?

I’m constructing a live set consisting of the (f’ing amazing) DB-01, with the Octatrack providing the “backing tracks.” What I’d like to do is keep the patterns and effect settings the same, but switch samples every so often (new hats, kick, snare, etc.).

This is easy to do with Part switching, but it doesn’t lend itself to live performance, where I’d have to initiate the Part switch after switching to a new pattern. It would be ideal if there were some kind of “global” Part switch, where I select Part 2, and every Pattern is then on Part 2 and playing the second round of samples. However AFAICT this doesn’t exist?

“Why don’t you just use another Bank?”, you might ask. That’s an option I suppose…I could copy Bank A to Bank B, then load it up with the second round of samples and switch to Bank B during the set. The problem is that I often tweak and optimize my live set (e.g. FX settings), and those optimizations on Bank A wouldn’t carry over to Bank B, C, D, etc. I’d then have to remember every tweak and then manually change it on the subsequent Banks. Possible, but I wonder if there’s a cleaner solution?

The idea of parts is to have different sets of machines, fx, parameters, samples, midi tracks etc. so, no, can’t switch all at once.
I’d stay in one part and use slices for backing tracks.
Or use sample locks (just hold trig and turn the level encoder or press up or down arrow to open the slot list and lock a different sample - using up or down arrow needs additional confirmation by pressing the yes button which isn’t required when scrolling through slots with the level encoder - one method is quicker, the other is safer) or trigger samples manually with slot mode.
You can use large files on static machines and slice them, you can also combine plays free tracks and slices.

That’s what I do in live situations…I have two static tracks, sliced, one trig but not locked to a slice so I can scroll through the slices or move to the next one by simply turning the encoder. Slice length lets you choose if one slice is played, two or more - easy way to change for how long your backing tracks play and loop. So you could expand from 16 steps to 32 for example.
I trigger them manually, but quantized to 16 steps as plays free tracks.
The idea is easy access to my samples, playability and easy way to transition, but there are many ways.

You could also put all backing track files in one folder and move throw them in the slot list with Function + left/right.
Selecting a sample in the Flex or Static sample slot list and pressing function + left/right will load the next or previous sample from the directory the original sample resided in.


If all you patterns are with part 1, you can copy/paste a another part on part 1, it changes all active bank patterns settings.


To change samples for all tracks, using sample chains you can also switch all track samples with scenes having different slice values. Up to 16 sample kits per part, 64 per bank.

Basically rotating part settings by copying/pasting from the three unactive parts onto the active part sounds cool - I thought it could lead to short glitches/hiccups similar to switching parts in the parts menu can (that’s why it’s recommend to switch parts by changing patterns) - or isn’t this the case when you copy/paste parts?

I’m not entirely sure, maybe I don’t remember correctly.

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Yes it should be similar.


I see…

Using sample chains/slices have certain advatages over changing parts or patterns with sound locks, especially when combined with plays free - mostly you’re not bound to “hard transitions”, you can trigger any sample from the chain (and even sound lock another chain and choose slices from there, so plenty of material four many hours at your finger tips), quantized to steps, track length or unquantized.

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Yes, as you probably know, I avoid part changes within a song, especially because I don’t want to have to change/match every common parameter all the time, and part changes can be abrupt indeed. Much smoother with scenes and crossfader.


Thanks for the insights…I need to dig in to slices a bit more! I’m using sample locks already to switch sounds between patterns, but have run out of patterns - hence the need for other workarounds.

This worked a treat, as the Brits would say. However, now I realized that sample locks on certain patterns are rendering that technique less useful! I’ll have to try the scene/slice method as well…thanks for the tips.