Buromaschinen: The Eurasia Sessions + Golem

Hi guys, it’s been a while!
Just wanted to share some recent works I finally decided to publish on bandcamp!

The tracks are Elektron only, MNM+MD+A4. No outboard or daw editing, everything is recorded straight from the mixer.

It’s a sort of preliminary world exploration jams I made for a comic book I wrote and illustrated, called “Golem” (www.enterthegolem.com)

And then made a full soundtrack for “Golem” too:

It’s also elektron driven, bit with some additional hadware here and there.

Hope you’ll like 'em!

thanks for posting these. have only listened to the first collection so far but i like the variety, lots of different vibes.

i’d be curious to read anything you could add about the performing/recording/arranging process.

wish i could read italian so i could check out your comics, had no idea you were into that as well. good to see you back here man :slight_smile:

Yeah would be nice to know the whole process as well! Oh and Golem is one of the best things happened in my life: wonderful and deep story… Strongly recommended even for non-italian readers. Top stuff!

Yep it’s kind of a mixed bag :smiley:

I usually don’t care about genres and just play what I feel it’s right. It’s a hobby for me, so I’m not obsessed with style patterns or consistency.

I always do everything live recording from stereo pair coming from a 2 channel mixer. I usually bounce everything to tape.

The audio routing is MD : straight into the mixer
MNM: Into the A4 (stealing some reverb or fx here and there from the fx track)
A4: straight into the mixer carrying the mnm on the back.

Midi routing is: MNM master clock, tempo, transport. Each machine plays it’s own pattern (in sync: if I hit let’s say A1 on the mono, than it’s A1 on the MD and the A4), usually with no MNM midi ext control unless external gear is used (few tracks of Golem take advantage of a microkorg. mc202, virus ti2 desktop and a mopho)

Then it’s almost all procedural automations (LFO) and mute unmute process. Very basic stuff. For live performances is a must, as I’m a control freak and a very bad performer who needs to follow 3 machines and focus on what’s important. So it’s all CTRAL machines, filters and arps on the mono/a4.

Yeah, comics are my obsession :slight_smile: And golem is about to go international very soon! Thank you so much for your feedback!

Hey MX! Grazie!

Grazie a te Buromaschinen! Very nice and enjoyable music… and comics, art and stuff of course!! Still searching extras with desmo scanner on Golem :wink:
p.s.: little obsessed with you BOC style patches on the Mono… How do you program these? …maybe a .syx? :smiley:
Thank You anyway.

If you tell me which specific sound to work on I will gladly make a sysex for you. Right now I have an empty mono with me (I’m in Los Angeles) but I can definitely do a patch for you, from scratch.

For example: the arp in Theme from Steno Critone at 1.36 and Theme from Diceo at 0.38 (arp), Theme from the Dead Zone (love all sounds :wink: Theme from Oudeis pad at 2.53… Pad at 0.33 from Theme from the Owl…
Oh that’s lot of stuff! Thank You!! Ciao!

Awesome, looking forward to listening to this. I listen to your tunes on Soundcloud quite regularly :slight_smile:

Only listened to the Eurasia Sessions so far, really enjoyed it!

I’m also curious how you get those amazing pads from the mono, for example the vocal sounding ones in “17-12-2013”? Are you playing in poly mode or layering ENS machines?

I would love a .syx file too if possible!


Good stuff; thanks for sharing!

Love it! Great work! :slight_smile:

Liked it a lot! Thanks for sharing.

Sorry for the HUGE blackout. Will be back with some syx soon as promised! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait… Big Up!