Button push glitches?

I have a general question… when I T5 / Yes arm record, or T7 / Yes arm I get normal behavior. But T6 / Yes generally gives me a disarm once, twice or maybe three times before it arms. Also various T functions instead of switching tracks it acts like I double pushed the T button. Is the OT generally known to be a bit buggy about button presses?


How old / what shape is your machine in?

OT warranty is good to 02/22, and it is visually like new. Clearly it’s been around a while, but no signs of heavy use or abuse.

There are some current button combo bugs people are experiencing. Hopefully we get an update sometime

Firmware devs must strike a balance for double press / de-bounce detection. I empathize.

Yeah something like that, sounds like it is to do with the timing of signals around the circuit

Yeah, one button combo triggering an entirely different function, like opening the midi menu - OPs problem seems to be related to double triggers. Could be a hardware related issue. Would recommend getting in touch with support.

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I have been experiencing a new bug where MIDI Channel 2 gets muted when MIDI Channel 1 and Audio Channel 2 are muted from the Mixer Layout. Another bug that I can confirmed and has been already reported is the Func + Arr Combo that triggers MIDI Transport Config menu. It feels as if these issues are more related to firmware than hardware since the usual hardware test shows no obvious issues with the buttons.

When I contacted support about the bugs I was experiencing, they seemed to be confident it was a firmware issue which will be fixed (no time frame). I’ve seen a few people post similar responses from support, so it seems hopeful :slight_smile:

I posted some details of the button combo bugs from my machine in the bug reports thread, there’s some other people describing theirs there too. It’s definitely worth describing the problem to support officially too so it’s on record.

My button combo glitch’s are consistently to do with trig 1 and encoder B

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I reported a bug three days ago regarding the unwanted muting of an additional MIDI channel when muting one Audio and one MIDI channel in Mixer mode. Technical support was quick to reply referring to an introduced bug with the latest patch (1.40A). Maybe if everyone experiencing the issue reports it through the ticketing system they might get to fix it faster. ^^ With the current bugs the machine shall stay quarantined in the studio without any live gigs.

bug list:

  • unwanted MIDI setup menu access when using Func + Arr (Arranger menus)
  • unwanted muting of MIDI channel 2 when muting Audio Channel 2 + MIDI channel 1
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