Buying advice - OT in Australia

hey ive done extensive searching and most info seems old, does anyone have any advice on buying Electron gear in Australia? Particularly the black Octatrack. Retail here is $2699 atm which is like $699 more than everywhere else?

It seems even buying direct from Electron ( my preferred option ) they hike the price too. Shipping to Australia is about $100 so what gives?

If we had price parity i would buy one the instant they are availabe.

Its horrible isnt it.
I bought mine (Mk1) brand new from storedj in Parramatta, 1700$ in 2015.

Personally I would just get a second hand one. Mk1, Mk2, makes no difference. I never had a warranty issue, no problems at all in fact. Very solid machines.

There’s definitely no way I would drop 2700$ for a Black Mk2. Makes no sense at all.

I also got the digitone new for around 900 before the prices went stupid. And recently picked up a used digitakt for a straight grand, its in top condition, hardly used.

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yes, finding a second hand unit at a reasonable price is quite hard though… what would be a reasonable price for a mk2 octatrack?

and i gotta admit the fact Elektron are price gouging on there website too is a bit disappointing :man_shrugging:t4:

I see the MK1 pop up on gumtree and the Aussie wigglers facebook page for 1200-1400$

Mk2 not sure, I tend not to look. Any reason why you prefer a Mk2? They are the same expcept the buttons and screen (which is smaller on the Mk2)

You just have to grab them quick!

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About 1800 AU including shipping from not including import duties and other costs. Just be mindful of warranty / repair complications going this route.

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@infinity couple of mk2s on gumtree right now, around 1900. Seems to be the going rate.

thanks mate does sting a little that thats the price of a new one for the rest of the world :confused:


This is true. However… we are in Australia… low population, (we have things very cushy with covid compared to the rest of the world) … good weather (I’m from England) great food, loads of space, most people are friendly and happy, amazing wildlife, beautiful surroundings, excellent standard of living etc etc. Everything is expensive here, but I think it all balances out in the end.

2nd hand is the def the way to go. You can find the grey mkii’s for around $2000, looks like the black OT’s are even pushing that down a touch :slight_smile:

yeah i prefer the buttons ( i have a digitone and love the buttons they are so satisfying )

also the screen is a bonus, so yeah im happy paying extra for a mk2 over a mk1

im hoping the prices come down to be honest… if a 2nd hand mk2 came up locally at a good price id buy it as i’d avoid post and can do the exchange in person, but really can Elektron not find an Australian distributer that doesn’t extract the urine? come on Elektron all you have to do is insist the distributor is fair or move to another one.

yes Austraila can be a nice place to live but it isnt really better than any other western country, it all depends on your circumstances, try living in Qld in the summer without aircon :joy::joy: