Buying used elektron gear outside of internet

i’m wondering if anybody here knows of any vintage store that is selling the AK at the moment?

i’m looking to buy one but as i’m still in school i can’t afford it. luckily there are organizations in my country that can grant you money to buy music equipment, but only if you can show a receipt. ebay and similar sites sadly lack receipts so i need to buy it from a vintage music equipment store. doesn’t matter where in the world, just tip me if you know any:)

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top one is expensive but theres a couple on there cheap if you scroll down. pretty sure proper music shops sell on there

PayPal issues a receipt for purchase… are you sure you can’t use that and buy from eBay?


A4 mk1 and a black keystep; might set you back eur750ish



is that site legit? saw they sold moog grandmothers for £647, which is weird cause they normally sell for like 1k as far as i know.

It is legit. Juno has great prices for some gear, but stock isn’t big sometimes.


Bought there twice, rme babyface and cabels, delivered fast, Great service and good prices.

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wow! then I wonder why I’ve never heard of it before haha:) thanks

Juno is always my first port of call. Great service. Never had an issue. Always try the best price email.

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I got my keys off eBay for 600 here’s a similarly priced one.

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juno is legit, call before you buy and they’ll often do you a better price too. just call up and ask about best prices on whatever you need. when I got my mpc there they knocked 50 quid off when I rang up and they were already the best price I could find at the time before that

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Sometimes they show up at Switched On in Austin, Texas. Not sure what their online store represents. Several bits of Elektron gear show up there regularly, both new and used.

by the way word of warning, if you buy internationally it might seem like a great price sometimes but you can get stung hard by import taxes and stuff, they can seize it and make you pay a bundle to release it. not sure if youre aware of this with this seeming to be your first synth, I might be wrong though

Juno won’t be stocking Elektron devices anymore.


juno are one of the best sites/shops in the UK. ive spent LOTS with them. probably the best customer service.

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Juno are one of those places you can sometimes beat the pre order madness, rather than take peoples money on false promises stuff just turns up for purchase, often at the same time as the earliest pre order adopters.