Can AK joystick control MM?

Do any AK and monomachine owners know if the joystick control works on the monomachine? I want an SFX style setup but don’t have another keyboard rack for it.

The AK joystick sends MIDI data when in MIDI EXT mode.

The MM responds to MIDI CCs; the full list is given in Appendix B of the manual.


I’m not sure about AK or its midi mode which may offer flexible options, but if it’s as per ‘realtime’ control parameters on say AR, then aftertouch is transmitted whilst you tweak it in sequencing mode (just not sequenceable) -so i’d imagine the joystick is just sending pitchbend east>west and modwheel (centre>south or maybe centre>north) and breath (opposite direction of modwheel) - so you can send one or two regular midi commands depending on joystick position - you may need to enable int+ext control which would be the case for say encoder twists or notes whilst editing in seq mode

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