Can it sound like this?

Any way to get the A4 to sound something like this synton syrinx since i’ll never be able to afford one (nor would it be worth it!) I know the Syrinx has a 3 filter configuration but i thought I’d ask anyway. i do have an extra low/high pass filter i could run it through to give the a4 3 as well. :slight_smile: Scroll to the bottom for the sound examples.

not sure about recreating the timbre and character of that instrument, but you can easily get three, four, nay eight filters happening for you all on the A4 alone, just get busy with the neighbour oscillator assignment !

thanks! i havent messed around with neighbor yet. i will certainly give that a try.

I don’t think you can get that precise sound specifically because the A4 simply isn’t that instrument.
You could get close, but it’s like me wanting my A4 to sound like a Roland Jupiter 8; I can’t do it because it just isn’t a Jupiter 8.
There’s just too many differences in the hardware configs and that Synton synth uses VCOs instead of DCOs, etc.

Now, all that being said, the A4 is a brilliant synth and I’d think you can come pretty damn close or, at the very least, get a sound that you’d like just as much with it.
It’s a very capable machine, but it sounds–for lack of a better word–newer than older model analogs.

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Yea, i know i’m not going to get it exactly due to hardware differences but i was just hoping i might get in the neighborhood since the a4 is so flexible.

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Isn’t the Syrnix one of the only true FM synths?

It has crazy analog filters, though- so it sounds like a Moog with 10,000 volts of electricity running through it at times.

The short answer is no.

Not fm, just a rare analog monosynth. it does have an interesting filter configuration though which you can probably adequately replicate using the neighbor function on the a4.

No not exactly, I think only serial configuration will be possible with neighbour tracks. For the most effect you’d need parallel filters. Anyway, already one voice of the A4 can give you a lot of movements and resonant shimmer quite similar to the characteristics of a multiband filter found in the Syrinx. It gets a bit harder when it comes to formants but it’s not impossible.

Whats far more critical here is what has been already stated above, the characteristics of the overall sound is very different. The Synton Syrinx has all that smooth vintage vibe to it. The A4 can do this to a certain extent, but always is a bit on the harsher and harder side. Mostly because it allows a wide range of control and is not limited to a small set of sweet spots. So you have to do more programming to get results for the benefit of being able to achieve a greater variety of sounds.

To my taste the A4 is very good at all things short and percussive. Moving resonant pads and drones are on the other side of its more easily reachable spectrum. The bread and butter patches for more vintage sounding filtersweeps and resonant basses etc can take their time until they come close to what on would expect the to sound like in their full richness. But that’s also true for most older digital synths and VAs. So not much lost if you’re used to that. And the A4 gives plenty possibilities to try new things out and explore unexpected sounds and results and dig quite deep into sound design.

thanks! it’s appropriate since i’m from dc. :)[/quote]
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just a thought, haven’t tried it myself (yet :slight_smile: ), but you could hard pan an oscillator and feed that in to the three other tracks - so that gets you three/six filters in parallel ! at the cost of going really mono !

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Not fm, just a rare analog monosynth. it does have an interesting filter configuration though which you can probably adequately replicate using the neighbor function on the a4.[/quote]
Yes someone was selling one on Craigslist here in Los Angeles for months for $7000. Someone told me it was a true Formant Synth that requires insane amounts of maintenance.

You can only pan a voice so at least two oscillators and three remaining filterpairs would be at hand. You’d loose most of the FX also, but yes, it should be doable as long as you can prevent feedback. But then an additional external synth would be more effective and although the A4 can do alot as a filterbank it could be easier and cheaper to just get some eurorack modules for the filtersound. One would have to try this out to know if that approach would be worth the efforts.

it does work : ) - keep Track 1 right, keep your Left input Left, pull in Track 1(left in) on all the others using [L] - copy track 1 to all tracks(if u want same trigs / playing dynamics), i only tried it with headphones ,so you’d need a mixer to hear it properly - see it as a bonus !! no feedback if u watch what you do

this machine is really flexible :+1:

actually - i’m not sure it’s sufficiently different to just copying track 1 to the others and varying the filter, no need for all the fuss ! doh !

wow, you guys are great. such a wealth of knowledge here. What if i were to run the output through my frostwave resonator which has resonant high and low pass filters on it? would that get me any closer? i’m going to try it anyway so i dont know why i ask! :slight_smile: