Can not assign any samples including recorded samples with Digitakt

I can not access or use any samples other than the 64 provided. I can see others are in the Sample directory but I can not assign them. I am also not able to record a Sample and assign it to a Trig key. I believe the machine is broken in some way.

The video in this link illustrates this issue with OS 1.04:

I see the problem.

You’ve already got 127 samples assigned to the project. In your video you can see one of the files is assigned to slot 127. that’s the last slot available in this project.

If you start a new project you can load your samples in again.


Wait… what do you mean? When I go through the sound browser I can only see 64 samples. Is there some limit of how many samples can be in your sound browsers. I’m confused, please be gentle with me!

in your video you enter the main Samples menu. This is different than your project folder.

So, when you opened that Samples menu, I saw samples assigned all the way up to 127.

… go, instead, to your SRC button, and scroll through the samples in that menu.

These are files currently loaded to your project. You should see all 127 slots filled up.

Also, if you select those 2 dots above “BD Dirty” in your video, that will bring you back a page in the sample menu.

This should show you a lot more than 64 samples to choose from. But, again, you’ll have to load them to a new project, or delete some samples/sounds from the current project.

Thank you… I think I’m starting to see more clearly now!

I have startred a new project and went to the SRC button and can scroll through sounds. I’m still a bit confused but I in a better place than before. So what is the Sound browser for in not to browse sounds and put them into your project?

Also in your opinion what is the best way to manage these files given that there is only 127 slots?

It IS for loading them into your project! You’ve just filled your project up. Now you either need to work within those 127 samples or start another project and load more stuff there.

Think of that Sample menu as the “store-all” for everything in your DT. and then think of the SRC page as project-related stuff. you load from the “Store-all” to the project and work from there.

In my opinion the best way to manage the 127 files, is to not fill them up straight off the bat. I only load what I’m currently working with.

I have a jam template project that is full up to 127. I play live with this project. When I’m just messing around at home, I’ll only load the 8 or so samples I need for that pattern/jam. Then in another pattern/bank, I might load another 8 (or 10 or whatever) and then create something with that.

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But I’m also not able to see those sounds I loaded though the SRC button as you suggested in the Sound Browser. How do I get them to be represented there? I can only access them through SRC button in the new project.

I guess I’m just not able to load any sounds in the Sound Browser “store all menu” at this point. I going to try sampling now and see what happens.

You have just hit one of the walls of confusion…

Samples and Sounds are not the same.

A Sound incorporates a Sample plus other settings (amp, filter, etc).


Wooo thank you… so how do you turn samples into sounds and perhaps have them represented in the sound browser?

If you haven’t had the chance already, I recommend that you download the Digitakt manual from Elektron’s website and read up to and including chapter 9 “Patterns, kits, sounds, and samples” on pages 23-26. That gives a lot of relevant and interesting details.