Can OT MIDI sequence software synths?

I don’t know many synths that work as stand alone without being a plug in to a DAW. But I know the NI synths like FM8 work alone. I am not near my OT for a while but I am curious about this function. Thanks.

If your set-up allows the software synths to receive MIDI from an external DIN connector, the OT can sequence them.

Well, I looked in FM8 and it only has one option for virtual MIDI. I am guessing it’s not going to accept external DIN. I guess I should have asked if anyone is using or knows any software synths like that.

Sorry, that’s not correct.
FM8 ( and pretty much any other synth) should be able to see any hardware MIDI sources on your system.

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Really? Like I said I am away right now with only my laptop and that was the only option I saw in MIDI settings. I don’t suppose you have FM8 with external MIDI setup?

I do. It shows me a long list of possible sources- MIDI from my audio interface, MIDI from my Korg M3 plugged in to USB, etc…

I don’t even understand what virtual MIDI to a standalone synth would even mean, actually…

Neither did I, searched around a bit and I think it allows to send MIDI to external hardware as well as to receive it from other soft synths. But I think the sending part will only work through USB MIDI.

Regardless, FM8 should show any available MIDI ports on your system, whether they are hardware or virtual.

On PC’s anyway, the only way to use virtual MIDI between different programs is through various apps that create virtual ports. But that’s totally OT

You can definitely do this and certainly with FM8 (I’ve done it). I’m not in front of my PC but it probably helps if you are doing all this through a DAW (Live for me) so you can more easily route the midi but I’ve had heaps of fun sequencing NI synths and Omnisphere from my OT. I really can’t wait to get stuck in about Omnisphere 2 with my OT (and OB when it comes) as I think that will work wonderfully.

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